President Karzai flays terrorist attack on government employees’ vehicle

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KABUL: Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan strongly condemned yesterday’s terrorist attack on a government vehicle carrying civil employees of presidential office. A government vehicle carrying civil employees of presidential office yesterday morning from Ahmad Shah Baba Mena on the way to office was targeted by a terrorist attack in Mamoriat square of the area causing two employees martyred and five others injured.
Hamid Karzai while strongly condemning the treacherous act said that targeting innocents and government civil employees was against all religious and human values and would be never acceptable. Enemies of the country by gesturing of foreigners and using the name of Islam were continually killing civilians in the holy month of Ramadan, a month of worshiping and avoiding sins. President Karzai emphatically instructed security organs to necessarily investigate the terrorist incident. The President offered deep sympathy and condolences to martyred families, wishing patience to the remained and urgent recovery to the injured.
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President Karzai strongly condemns Paktika explosion

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KABUL: Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has strongly condemned Paktika’s Urgun explosion killing and injuring a number of local people, calling it a brutal act. According to security officials and Paktika governor office, as a result of an explosion occurring yesterday in a market in Urgun district of Paktika, 41 people were martyred including six children and a mosque cleric and 67 others injured. President Hamid Karzai while strongly condemning the explosion said targeting innocent people was an unforgiveable act and a big treachery in the holy month of Ramadan.
The country’s president instructed relevant officials to provide necessary and urgent aid to martyred and injured families of the incident.
The President offered deep sympathy and condolences to martyred families, wishing patience to the remained and urgent recovery to the injured. The Kabul Times

Role of int’l observers trustworthy: Qanooni

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24سرطان ملاقات معاون اول ریس جمه ور باسفیر اگلستان ع  (1) - Copy

KABUL: The First Vice President Mohammad Younus Qanooni in a meeting with British ambassador to Afghanistan Richard Stagg described the role of international observers for recounting of votes in the run-off as significant and a source of trust for ensuring transparency.
In the meeting which held in presidential palace, the British ambassador besides hoping for reaching agreement by both candidates over technical issues also expressed satisfaction over ending election deadlock, saying the agreement could lead to further peace and stability in Afghanistan.
The Kabul Times

MRRD to go ahead with standard urbanization development

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24سرطان جلسه کمیته اقتصادی شورای  وزیران ع محمودشاه (1)

KABUL: The Economic Committee of Council of Ministers with Second Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili on the chair held meeting on Tuesday.
In the meeting, according to BNA, first the draft for construction of recreational park in the Kabul Jan Park presented by the ministry of rural rehabilitation and urban development (MRRD) was discussed.
The proposed park covering 10,000 acres land in southwestern edge of Kabul city will have zoo, center of contemporary art and services and welfare colony.
Members of the committee presented their viewpoints and suggestions with regard to attracting capital, allocating land and coordination with Kabul Master-Plan, supplying water and sewerage system and the committee also approved the proposal of urban development ministry that the ministries for finance, economy, Kabul municipality and land directorate as members of board of directorate.
The committee also tasked MRRD to implement the project in accordance with the Kabul Master Plan. It also asked the Kabul municipality to cooperate with the ministry for urban development in construction of the park.
The committee also discussed the proposal of Mir wais Shirzad company for long-term leasing 78 acres land of Herat textile land proposed by the ministry for commerce and industries and after putting some questions on the modalities of the development of the textile mills and reconstruction of plants decided to constitute a delegation composed of officials from the ministry of commerce and industries, transport and the chambers of commerce and industries to review the plan.
At the end of meeting, the minister for RRD presented his report about its problems with regard to construction of 5th Microrayon. According to decision of the CM, the minister for rural rehabilitation and urban development said that construction of Microrayon project will covers up to Kabul airport. The Kabul Times



Next govt. should be formed through people’s votes: Khalili

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24سرطان ملاقات معاون دوم ریس جمه ور باسفیر اگلستان ع  (2)

KABUL: British Ambassador to Kabul Richard Stagg met yesterday with Second Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili in Kabul.
In the meeting, the vice president while praising international community and UN for solution of Afghanistan election dispute, stressing that transparency in election was a key element.
He expressed hope that agreement between presidential candidates related to recounting all votes would help in further differentiating of clean ballots from unclean ones.
The Vice President also asserted that people’s votes should be respected and next government should be formed through the people’s votes.
He further said creation of dispute was not in the interest of Afghanistan because armed insurgents would benefit from the condition.
The Vice President considered formation of a broad-based government as a requirement in Afghanistan, hoping the issue would be echoed in upcoming government.
In the meeting, British Ambassador to Kabul considered agreement between the two candidates as key and effective step towards a bright and stable future for Afghanistan, stressing that his government would support a united and stable Afghanistan.
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Senate rejects MPs privileges bill

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24سرطان جلسه مشرانو جرکه ع محمود شاه (1) - Copy

KABUL: Upper House of the parliament with its chairman Fazal Hadi Muslimyar on the chair in its session on Tuesday rejected with majority the bill on lawmakers’ privileges approved by Wolesi Jirga a couple of days ago.
Muslimyar and majority of senate members termed the bill as unjust and ruled out. Earlier civil societies by staging rallies and media by organizing televised debates rejected the bill as against the country’s economy.
Meshrano Jirga also condemned in strongest term the suicide attack in Urgon district of Paktika province which claimed scores of lives and injured dozens others on Tuesday.
The senators also denounced the bomb attack against the vehicle of the employees of presidential Palace in 12th district of Kabul city which left two persons dead and injured five others Tuesday morning.
During the senate session, the law for access to information in six chapters and 23 articles was referred to special commission for more studying and reviewing.
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Govt. High Commission on swearing-in ceremony holds meeting

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KABUL: The Government High Commission on swearing-in ceremony for new president, with chief of army staff Gen. Shir Mohammad Karimi the head of security committee for the ceremony held meeting yesterday.
In the meeting, according to BNA it was said that August 2 which had earlier set for the swearing-in ceremony has been postponed in the wake of request made by the UN special envoy to Afghanistan and candidates demand until finishing recounting of the votes and the new date for oath taking ceremony will be announced later.
As per agenda, heads of the commissions presented their reports and Gen. Karimi called upon the ministry for interior and the national directorate for security and officials dealing with the protection of ranking personalities to present their reports about their working programs. The concerned officials presented their reports about their programs and ensuring security for the oath taking ceremony.
Ghulam Nabi Farahi, acting minister for information and culture and head of cultural committee for the oath taking ceremony presented his report about his committee’s responsibility.
The Kabul Times