MRRD to go ahead with standard urbanization development

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24سرطان جلسه کمیته اقتصادی شورای  وزیران ع محمودشاه (1)

KABUL: The Economic Committee of Council of Ministers with Second Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili on the chair held meeting on Tuesday.
In the meeting, according to BNA, first the draft for construction of recreational park in the Kabul Jan Park presented by the ministry of rural rehabilitation and urban development (MRRD) was discussed.
The proposed park covering 10,000 acres land in southwestern edge of Kabul city will have zoo, center of contemporary art and services and welfare colony.
Members of the committee presented their viewpoints and suggestions with regard to attracting capital, allocating land and coordination with Kabul Master-Plan, supplying water and sewerage system and the committee also approved the proposal of urban development ministry that the ministries for finance, economy, Kabul municipality and land directorate as members of board of directorate.
The committee also tasked MRRD to implement the project in accordance with the Kabul Master Plan. It also asked the Kabul municipality to cooperate with the ministry for urban development in construction of the park.
The committee also discussed the proposal of Mir wais Shirzad company for long-term leasing 78 acres land of Herat textile land proposed by the ministry for commerce and industries and after putting some questions on the modalities of the development of the textile mills and reconstruction of plants decided to constitute a delegation composed of officials from the ministry of commerce and industries, transport and the chambers of commerce and industries to review the plan.
At the end of meeting, the minister for RRD presented his report about its problems with regard to construction of 5th Microrayon. According to decision of the CM, the minister for rural rehabilitation and urban development said that construction of Microrayon project will covers up to Kabul airport. The Kabul Times




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