Absorption capacity of students to be increased in MoHE: Qanooni

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22سرطان .جلسه کمیته تحصیلات عالی   به ریاست محمد یونس قانونی معاون اول ریاست جمهوری ع بصیر (1) - Copy

KABUL: Chaired by First Vice President Mohammad Younus Qanooni, the session of High Council of higher education institutions was held with the participation of all members at Gul Khana Palace, reported the presidential press office to BNA adding that in this session the First Vice President touching one of the parts of the agenda the entrance examination expenditures of this year said that entrance examination is a big national issue in the country which requires huge expenditures and the ministry of higher education that is responsible to train skilled cadres for Afghanistan in all fields should tackle it and seek funding ways. Qanooni added, we should increase the absorption capacity of students in the MoHE. So it requires to discuss and assess the security measures and particular preparations for this purpose in one of our meetings.
Later on the minister of higher education submitted the items of the agenda respectively which included expenditures and incomes of entrance examination of newly enrolled students of 1393-1394, funding of night faculties, and budget for remuneration of lecturers and other programs of that ministry which were discussed one by one.
The Kabul Times



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