Lodging conditions in BSA easy, but failure to sign it problematic

Although the US is insisting for the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) to be signed as soon as possible, but there are fundamental conditions from the Afghanistan side, needed to be observed in the contents of the treaty.
The US side to accept the conditions from Afghanistan will never scatter any interest of the strategic ally, but any failure to sign the pact would not be in the interest of both nations.
Though, currently, both sides’ negotiators are far from agreement on some issues to negotiate on a long-term American military presence in the conflict-suffered country.
A Pentagon senior official had earlier warned that further delay could dash the deal altogether, but strategic country should mull on what the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is offering as a national interests-based conditions, through a likely summoned traditional Loya Jirga.
Considering its national interests and territorial integrity, Afghanistan is persistently willing to sign the future shaping pact with its close ally the US as the international forces is scheduled to leave the country by 2014.
A low level negotiating team had already completed much of the issues on the BSA, but critical topics including what latitude the US forces would have in counterterrorism operations must be tackled at the highest level, as spokesman of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan told media earlier.
The US should consider what was in the interest of the war-plagued Afghan nation alongside seeking its own interests—a move would help accelerate bilateral security agreement through which how many American troops would stay after full foreign forces pullout from the country.
The two key important issues among others—immunity for US force and US Afghanistan protection against any external threats were from what the Islamic Republic is persisting to be observed by American negotiators.
These conditions are not too much hard to be enshrined in the contents for the long-term security treaty between the two sides and admitted by the US negotiating side, as there many in the US military reportedly believing troop presence could face risk if a deal isn’t concluded by November.
Accepting the conditions from the Afghan side will never jeopardy the US forces mission in Afghanistan, as counterterrorism efforts entitled by the US within the international community mandate in Afghanistan would find its real significance if both sides were ready to obey each other’s presented suggestions.
A post-2014 international forces mission in Afghanistan would also face challenges unless the Afghan government side conditions were not accepted by the US as it would be too difficult to secure pledge from European allies to contribute troops after the deadline.
Full American troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan as it happened in Iraq in 2011, is not in the interests of both sides, as President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai expressed satisfaction over the determining pact to be signed between the two countries, but emphasized his country’s conditions to be fully respected by the US.

Counter-corruption requires pervasive campaign

Despite the government of Afghanistan did to make efforts during recent eleven years to prevent official corruption, but so far, this phenomenon remained as a matter of concern for government and people of Afghanistan especially for international community.
The government of Afghanistan resolves countercorruption and establishment of bilateral mechanism for transparency of contribution render to Afghanistan as its priorities as well as resolves main commitment of government and world community and lays emphasize that in counter corruption, the government of Afghanistan is serious and also makes effort for good governance and is fighting seriously against countercorruption in both financial and administration aspects.
As in one of his suggestions, president Hamid Karzai has said that during recent ten years with cooperation of international community we did to rehabilitate the damages caused by previous problems, but from aid rendered to Afghans government, the latter is expecting from international community that both sides should pledge for a bilateral accountability. This accountability should clear in its framework that either the government of Afghanistan be responsible before the contribution of international community or the latter also would be responsible against the quantity of contributions owned by government of Afghanistan and is implemented.
No doubt, to eradicate official corruption, the roadmaps such as contribution of all people and role of mass media can be effective in this connection. Because, counter official corruption and establishment of good governance is from commitments of Afghan government before international community. But so far, this phenomenon remained as a great challenge and as a whole, all nations of the world intend to fight against it in Afghanistan.
Official corruption did not create in one day, but is created with passing of time and also it exists in all countries of the world.
But in our country, countercorruption needs firm determination of all and in collaboration of all institutions and people, we can fight ageist official corruption.
One of the roadmaps for countercorruption is registration of properties of in charges concerned including of president.
To eradicate this ugly phenomenon, the government began the process of registration of properties of government officials in capital and in provinces.
It is hope that with doing so, vast corruption in government administrations would be prevented.
Simultaneous with ending of Kabul forum and pledge of $16 billion by international community to Afghanistan, a number of members of parliament both chambers i.e house of people and senate say that the concern of international community in regard with existence of official corruption in Afghanistan caused these contribution proclaimed as profile.
Welcoming from new commitments of international community before Afghanistan in Kabul forum, they say that the government should be loyal to its commitments pledged in Tokyo conference. Because sans serious reformation in government administrations, countercorruption would be in- effective. Countercorruption can be effective in a time that serious reformation be implemented in system and one of the roadmaps in counter official corruption is this that the aids to be spent thought government budget so either be effective or government of Afghanistan be responsible before consumption of contribution.
According to official data, beside insecurities, poverty and lack of employment, official corruption is from among threats that so far, the people of Afghanistan are facing with it.
Attending to this that counter official corruption and establishment of a good governance is one of the Afghan government commitments pledged before international community. But so far, this phenomenon remained as a serious challenge before Afghanistan and its people.
Finally, with what mechanism and roadmap, we can fight with this phenomenon?
A number of witnesses believe that the government should make effort to attract the trust of people and those who are polluted with corruption their files should be processed according to the laws of the country. Beside this, we should promote practical roadmap that is giving awareness to young generation including school and university students and give mentality to young generations who are the builders of tomorrow Afghanistan and to ordinary people that how they prevent from official corruption and fight with it.
Appointment and replacement is one of the principles that can prevent from official corruption through it. Individuals should be appointed in government posts according to the principle of meritocracy and their working experiences not on the basis of political standards and tribal, lingoral and other expediences. On the other, the government administrations should be should be prepared according to the world standards and modern technology from technical point of view.
Our administrations should be modernized. All administrative affairs should be computerized so to prevent from official corruption.
The government should be serious in reaching to its goal for self-sufficiency of Afghanistan so to gain further trust of international community and act against those who polluted with corruption according to the rule of law. The rule of law can be effective in counter official corruption and should be implemented on all equally. The people should be close colleague in this respect.
The culture of exemption is the main factor behind increment of official corruption in the country.
In recent years, official corruption is one of basic challenges faced by government and also has the concern of international community and people of Afghanistan behind.
Once more, the government of Afghanistan committed to international community in various meetings that it fights seriously for eradication of this phenomenon.

No one can interfere in upcoming poll

As election officials have begun accepting the nominations of the candidates for the upcoming presidential polls set for April 5 next year, the world would see the first peaceful transfer of power in the war-torn nation history.
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the electoral bodies have vowed not to allow anyone to draw the process for the presidential and provincial election to fraud and irregularities.
In his meeting with the youth under “Youth and the National Issues”, the president said he would help a fair and free election to be held in the country and never meddle in the process as his tenure is going to end and allow no one to perturb the historical process.
Over the last two terms of his presidential tenures, President Karzai had not supported any particular group or individuals and never supported them in their campaigns for either presidential or provincial elections.
Successfully running the two phases of presidential election in the country after several decades of turmoil could demonstrate that Afghans could do what was in their national interest and what would help the region and the world live in tranquility.
With fully Afghans-supported democratic system, Afghanistan is going ahead towards emboldening different political parties to shape and form a public supported system under which the war skirt could be picked up and a peaceful and secure environment could be paved for the decade-long conflict suffered nation.
Their hectic efforts to shape a new future were up to themselves, with no meddling from the government and electoral bodies into the destiny making process.
Despite security fears from the increasingly Taliban insurgency and some domestic other anti-government groups, the historic election will be held in time and will go a long way to stabilize the war-torn country.
Calling holding the process great news for the country, during his youth speech, the president said this was the first time in our elections that people are coming up with policies to explain to the public what they would do if they become president in the future.
Absolutely, Afghanistan is going in the right direction, as many people are consolidating their powers, their parties as everybody’s interest is in a peaceful transfer of power, while the international forces is scheduled to pullout combat mission by the end of 2014.
Party-based politics and election coalitions are a new development in the country as different tribes with traditionally influencing the outcome of elections were growingly looming.
The democratic practice would help the country further than ever move towards development and tranquility and overcome any challenges, particularly in the area of countrywide security through an inclusive process.
The people, particularly the youth are asked to attend the democratic practice through joining the voters’ registration centers and receiving voting cards, as well as they should perform their responsibility to persuade their households, close relatives, friends and area residents to attend the process and take part in their country’s future construction.

Justice to be done on elements involved in killing of Afghan civilians

Recently, the insurgent Taliban and their foreign collaborators have extended their acts of terrorism against the civilian population in Afghanistan and the Taliban and rest of the terrorist organizations should keep in mind that the history doesn’t repeat and one day justice will be implemented on those who are engaged in massacre of Afghan people as only during the last one week at least 23 innocent civilians lost their lives after the Taliban conducted series of suicide attacks, likewise, provinces of Herat and Kunduz also faced deadly terror plots.

Afghanistan experiences terror attacks on daily bases and the interesting thing is that the Taliban who claim to fight for the sake of the country, Islam and freedom claim responsibility of the horrific crimes, the group even don’t have mercy on the children and women. But the Taliban should realize the fact that the faithful and Muslim people of Afghanistan won’t forgive the group and condemned acts of violence in all its forms and manifestations.

In his recent statement, Hamid Karzai president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan said that the Taliban by committing suicide attacks and roadside bombings only achieve hatred and curse of the people of Afghanistan and nothing more than that. In the meantime, president Karzai raised voice on the Taliban and asked the group to avoid damaging their motherland on the order of the aliens and foreigners.

In a press release issued from the president’s office it was stated that the Taliban and their leaders should face harsh punishment of Allah for their crimes against the Afghan nation and one day the group will response in public court for their deeds and the crimes committed against the innocent people.

The militant Taliban who massacre the innocent people under the pretext of Islam, Jihad (holy war), freedom and liberty should think for a moment and analyze their brutality and provide clarity that on what base they massacre Afghan people. The Taliban have expanded their terror activities simultaneous with enhancement of peace efforts. There are two factors behind the move, may be the Taliban by enhancing terror attacks want sabotage peace talks or they commit these crimes on the order of their foreign masters across Afghan borders.

In the view of current security scenario of the country, the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) should formulate effective security plans so that the lives and dignity of the people of Afghanistan are persevered. Because, continuation of the current tenure may leave negative impacts on holding of free, fair and transparent elections on April 5th 2014. It’s a fact the Taliban have lost war potentials to fight forces face to face with security forces in the battle field, for this purpose, the group resort to  roadside bombing and suicide attacks to show existence and war capability.

Migrations: A sour reality to Afghan refugees

In a recent development, the Iranian government announced that Afghan refugees living in that country without legal documents should evacuate within two weeks from the deadline to avoid force expulsion.

In the past, the issue of Afghan refugees abroad has been one of the biggest issues to the Afghan government as these migrants have always complained about mistreatment, humiliation and violation of their basic humanitarian rights by the host countries. However, the Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation of Afghanistan has always backed its efforts for facilitation of refugee in foreign countries, but still Afghan nations in different parts of the world are confronting tragic events while voyaging towards western countries and those who sought refugee in neighboring Iran and Pakistan to avoid war trauma.

Based on the recent statistics issued by the UN agency, Afghan nations constitute world largest number of migrants. Recently, the Iranian officials asked Afghan refugees to leave that country within two weeks, but as an Islamic and neighboring country to Afghanistan should accomplish its moral, Islamic and humanitarian obligations with regard to the refugees as Afghanistan currently lacking enough resources to settle 1.5 million people.

Although, the government of Afghanistan has been engaged in several rounds of negotiations with the Iranian officials over the issue of refugees, still problem exist and a permanent solution  wasn’t found to the issue. So considering problems of the Afghan refugees in Iran, the government of Afghanistan should raise the issue with the neighboring country and strive to find a longstanding solution to the ongoing tenure.

Following establishment of democratic system in the country in 2001, millions of Afghan refugees returned to their home and large of these are coping with overwhelming poverty rate, unemployment and other social issues. Alongside Iran, Afghan refugees are facing problems in rest of the countries as well. So the Afghan government particularly the ministry of refugees and repatriation must seek settlements to the issue through diplomatic sources.

Every nation is alive with their culture

With enjoying 5000 years historical background, Afghanistan has a rich culture with its spiritual beauties.

Brotherhood, sincerity, stretching their helping hand for assisting in a bad condition to each other, and other humanitarian sentiments make the character of every Afghan that mostly impressed by Islamic teachings.

Increment in number of printing and audiovisual media and freedom of speech all are the positive achievements earned med in recent decade that is unparallel in the region. But this achievement should be served not only in informing people about what are occurring in their environments even in the world level in all fields, but these media should work to keep and enrich our valuable culture inherited to us from our forefathers.

In a time that all humanitarian values are sold with economic interest and this lead our world toward self-alienation. from one side, modern technology changed the globe as a small village and on the other, cultural colonialism annihilate the culture of those nations who are depriving from sophisticated technical possibilities.

As a cross-road in the heart of Asia, i.e Afghanistan has and had good commercial privileges that introduce the nations’ cultures with each other and every one enrich their own culture with getting the beauties of others’ ones.

Now, we hear the bell of caravans of Silk Route which were crossing from the heart of Asia beyond millenniums and linked all nations lived around our country and got acquaintance with each other culture.

Today too, freedom of expression doesn’t means that we say what we want and broadcast through audiovisual what are in our favor.

We should arrange our Radio-TV programs according to our culture beauties and our national identity specially Islamic teachings that are acceptable for good.

                                    Afghans optimistic on Afghan-Pak leaders’ discussed peace agendas

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai left for Pakistani early Monday morning to pay an official visit to the neighboring country to seek help from Islamabad’s new leadership to pave peace negotiation between Kabul and the Taliban.

The visit is expected to yield positive results [as the Afghan people and authorities hope] between the two neighbors to may lead to peace talks’ success with the government and the Taliban.

Obsoletely, Pakistan can play effective role in Afghanistan peace process triumph as the neighboring country has strong influence in the Taliban and can do what was the most important for success of expected ensuing negotiation.

Afghan authorities have long alleged that neighboring Pakistan is sheltering top Taliban commanders and the country’s spy agency, the ISI, has been helping them plan cross-border attacks on local and U.S.-led coalition forces, but the recent tour by the president had raised hopes from the people that they would soon embrace sustainable peace and security in their country.

Following signing agreement on ensuring security, boosting trade, economy and communication both sides vowed to step up peace process in the war-torn Afghanistan, where any instability would overcome stability of Pakistan and region.

Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif also called Pakistan a close friend of Afghanistan in war on terror said his country would try its best to accelerate counterinsurgency efforts to protect the two nations from extremism threats.

Pakistani’s Sharif also said his country would say committed on an Afghan-led peace process and would make effort to uproot fundamentalism in the two countries.

The recent visit once renewed hope among the Afghan people that they can continue living in their own soil and hundreds of other Afghans seeking refuges and frustrating abroad would be helped return home as well.

More than last ten years of war and conflict and deadly suicide bombing had clearly showed both nations are deeply fed up with the ongoing trying circumstances and want peace and tranquility under which they could go ahead with their daily affairs.

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is more hopeful of his recent Pakistan tour than those of the previous 19 rounds mostly focusing on peace process in the country.

He is fully optimistic as he signed two agreements in which security, economy, trade and communication were the main contents.


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