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 Exclusive interview with Kabul Governor 

Implementation of five year plan will change Kabul City feature 


Lasting years of war and civil uncertain ties have  posed major devastations to the beautiful city of Kabul while in the past it was counted as one of the prominent and beautiful cities in the world.

But, hope remerged over rehabilitation and renovation of the ancient and historic city of Kabul following the formation of new political system in the country.

Considering vitality of Kabul City and its historic background, The Kabul Times correspondent has discussed the matter with Governor of Kabul province Abdul Jabbar Taqwa.“You are aware that a newly designated governor cant settle the issues and problems at once, because every work needs planning, time, funding resources, financial expenditures and categorizing the priorities and essentialities, it helps the governor and the concerned institutions to implement and execute the programs and plans according to the priorities and in line with its financial capabilities, said Kabul Governor Abdul Jabbar Taqwa, adding that initially, we have to commute step by step and find out the solutions, we have to do our job, because the government institutions are responsible to work for the people.”

“Unfortunately, the issue of terrorism and extremism not only devastated our cities and basic infrastructures, but it also taking victims from the people of Afghanistan on daily basis, said Kabul Governor.”

Responding to a question with regard to the Kabul province, Abdul Jabbar Taqwa said, “I think this venue where governor’s office exists doesn’t suit the governor of Kabul, in the past Kabul governors had extraordinary reputation in the social life, they representing the president and the people, they were attending the political meetings and rest of the gatherings and even their invited in cabinet meetings and they were had the responsibility of welcoming the foreign celebrities and guests, but with the passage of time, Kabul pushed to isolation and feature of Kabul province changed step by step during the different regimes.”

“Kabul as the capital city of Afghanistan should be one of the beautiful cities of the world, because it is a historic and ancient city and was much beautiful during the past, Kabul is also known because of its cultural and historic monuments, Taqwa said. “the five years Kabul Development Plan is consisting of 1160 projects and it would also have positive impacts on job opportunities, poverty alleviation programs, health, education, social services and civil society, we will accomplish our tasks as the guidance and directions of the president, we working on an administrative center for Kabul and all sorts of modern facilities have been considered in the center, and our plans are also supported by the government officials, International NGOs, National Assembly and the civil society institutions”.

“The works on center is moving smoothly with good pace, in the second floor an office for Kabul governor will also be established, because since the last several years, Kabul governor had no any residential facilities and this is the fist time that a house has been considered for Kabul governor, we also intend to establish offices to rest of Kabul governor office directorates, all directorates should be under one roof, because it helps people from the administrative issues including safety from corruption, bribery, overcrowding and most importantly time wastage. Friend country India provided us $ two million in aid for construction new Kabul governor building.”

“A conference hall with the capacity of 5,000 guests will be constructed with a unique special design and it will support the presidential office to hold the meetings, he added. “We also intend to renovate and make sure asphalt of the road in Kabul districts to decrease problems of the people; we are trying to maintain balance in our development works in the districts”.”

In response to a question with respect to finance of these projects, Kabul City governor said, “we have conducted several meetings with the foreign donors, embassies and international NGOs and demanded them contribute in these projects according to their own desire, Kabul governor stated.” Kabul Governor said that land grabbing has been one of the key issues in the country and the governor office has dispatched names of the land grabbers and usurpers to the concerned institutions including president’s office, national assembly, directorate of local governance asking the collaborators to avoid backing the land grabbers because it would damage our political system, rule of law and weakens and the nation. Kabul prepares to host 1393 Nawroz festival. The Paghman Hill project will welcome heads of states from the Nawroz Zone. The venue for Nawroz festival lies over 24,00 acres of land. The venue will cost $ nearly 8 million.

    The Kabul Times 



S. Korea committed on long term cooperation to Afghanistan

On the occasion of 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Republic of South Korea

matlab Korea

Six decades back, the South Korean nation was coping with the situation that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is experiencing it now.But today, this country is one of the advanced and industrial nations in the world.
The S. Korea people reconstructed their country by the assistance of international community and now, this country is changed to a nation that helps others like Afghanistan.
In diplomatic sphere, Afghanistan has always endeavored to have close ties with international community and one of the important aspects of country’s foreign policy is extension of its relations with other countries, the relations which are based on mutual respect and trust.Amongst the allied nations of Afghanistan, S. Korea is one of close friends.
This country provided major aids to Afghanistan after the country opened political chapter in international arena in 2001.
Both countries are bounded in cultural and historic relations and are intending to expand their ties.
Beside this, South Korea is committed on providing about $ 500 million aid to Afghanistan.
Until 2015, from the financial assistance of S. Korea $ 300 million is spent on police and the remaining $ 200 million for education, health and village development sectors. S. Korea to expand vocational training centers in Afghanistan. One of these centers to be built in Bagram district of Parwan province and the program will be expanded step by step to Mazar-i-Sharif and other areas of the country. Afghan youth will be provided with training in different fields such as computer science, electricity and repairing of cars and other machineries.
The S. Korea government is also willing to construct a five-story building for Avicenna hospital and previously technical assistance provided to the concerned health sector in Kabul. This assistance provided to Afghanistan through KOICA office. Likewise, S. Korea spent a sum of $22000 for repairing of this hospital, construction of spring house, kitchen etc. Currently, another Korean hospital in Bagram providing medical assistance to the residential people and daily more than 200 patients consult the hospitals.In village development sphere, the Korea government distributed more than 30000 collection books to support agriculture sector, so farmers to be educated.
It is mentionable that South Korea offers more than 150 scholarships to Afghan students to promote their higher studies in this country universities including ten scholarships in master level.
The Korea government is working on a special program of Afghan women and the project will be implemented through UNDP. Based on the program, 40Afghan policewomen will be sent to S. Korea for training. We congratulate the national day of friendly Korea and willing its contribution to Afghanistan be further expanded and in post 2014, this country to stand beside their Afghan friends and fight terrorism alongside other international allied nations.
The Kabul Times

US to continue supporting Afghanistan post-2014

The US civilian representative for North and Northeast of Afghanistan David Candy has reaffirmed longstanding support of the United States to Afghanistan in cultural, educational and protection of women rights post-2014 as per commitments of his country pledged to Afghanistan in the long term period in order to support Afghanistan to tackle affairs of the country in comprehensive manner.
“President Obama and the US government are committed to support Afghanistan in the long term period including protection of women rights, US civilian representative David Candy said, adding that the US development projects to Afghanistan will be implemented by different ministries working in development sector in remote regions.”
“The US has also started its development in the insecure regions of the country in joint cooperation with the government of Afghanistan and the concerned ministries working in this sphere, David Candy said.”
The US has been the biggest donor nations to Afghanistan since the country initiated its new political chapter in international politics in 2001, the US beside providing financial assistance to Afghanistan also supported Afghanistan in military sector. The people of Afghanistan expects that the US as one of the strategic partners of Afghanistan will continue backing the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) post-2014 so that these forces provide security coverage to the Afghan people after the withdraw of international forces from the country in 2014.
The Afghan people expect that international community will not put Afghanistan into isolation after 2014, because, politically isolated Afghanistan doesn’t support international drive against terrorism and extremism.
Elaborating on the topic, local resident Marwa said, “Undoubtedly, Afghanistan needs support of international community after 2014, because still the country confronts several challenges, so the world community and the US should honor all their commitments sought to Afghanistan. The assertions of the US civilian representative to Afghanistan came at a time that the Obama administration prepares to pullback troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.
Shukria Kohistani

UN reaffirms financial, technical supports to Afghanistan for transparent elections

The United Nations (UN) Secretary General Special Representative to Afghanistan Mr. Jan Kubis while addressing a press conference in Kabul on Thursday reaffirmed longstanding support of the United Nations to Afghanistan and said that the UN is fully determined to provide financial and technical supports to Afghanistan for holding the elections in free, fair and transparent manner in 2014. However, Mr. Jan Kubis stressed that the holding of transparent elections will decide on the future of the UN’s aids to Afghanistan.
The UN secretary general special representative to Afghanistan said that the international body is willing to dispatch its observers to Afghanistan for monitoring the election process.
Talking about the 68th UN Security Council General Assembly meeting held in New York, Jan Kubis said that the Council has promised to provide security during the elections in Afghanistan. He expressed optimism over the readiness of the country for holding the Presidential and Provincial Councils’ elections in a free, fair and transparent manner.
“Election is definitely important for Afghanistan. But as you can see, quality of preparations, conduct and then acceptance of results of the elections, is creating more positive environment for Afghanistan and is giving hopes to those that are committed to provide long-term support to Afghanistan, also after 2014,” said Jan Kubis.
Mr. Kubis added that the European Parliament (EP) has agreed to send their representatives for supervising the upcoming elections in Afghanistan scheduled for 5th April 2014.
“The international community is ready and prepared to provide support for the domestic observation efforts. And, our support and engagement is being mobilized to deploy international observation for the elections. I am encouraged to learn that the Europe Union, most likely the European Parliament may deploy an international observation mission. And, there are many other international organizations and bodies that are ready to do so,” Mr. Kubis said.“The part of this support is sharing of the best international practices to help the promotion and act as a truly independent body. This is the declared objective of the Commission and we are more than ready to help them to work as a truly independent and impartial body,” Mr. Kubis added.
Mr. Kubis informed the attendees of the press conference saying that the UN is ready to provide technical assistance to the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC), and will be starting its work soon.
The UN Representative assured that the Afghan security and political transition will not be ignored by the international community and all assistance would be provided for its success.
Lailuma Noori

ALP guardians fight for home

Afghan Local Police (ALP) reframed within the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan adore their motherland and sacrifice their live to protect their soil.
In the distance, white puffs of smoke rise in the morning sky over Ganjigal, a quiet valley tucked away in the vast mountains of Sarkani district.
The southern mountain peaks are a seemingly perfect vantage point for insurgent fighters to attack, the alliance had written a feature story to the media.
“They know we’re coming,” said an interpreter, who uses the pseudo name David as a safety precaution. “You see, look there in the distance.”
Just the night before, insurgents launched a barrage of rockets and mortars from those very peaks into the valley, David said.
Still these attacks do not deter most of the villagers and, in particular, Afghan Local Police guardian Sam-i-Ullah. For him and the few that do remain, Sarkani is home.
“I have been in the ALP for about two years now,” said Sam-i-Ullah. “I used to work out there in the big cities doing labor work consisting of different odds and ends.”
But becoming an ALP gave him the chance to do more than simply earn a living, he said.
“One day I heard about the ALP program, and I jumped at the chance to not only be closer to home but to serve my country,” explained Sam-i-Ullah.
Lush greenery surrounds the narrow streets of Sarkani district. Vendors waving bags in the air filled to the brim with almonds, raisins, vegetables and fresh fruits. There are young boys scurrying to school, dressed in satin blue and milky white uniforms.
Further down the way, roads begin to turn into brittle ground. Massive ditches litter the tattered roads weathered from improvised explosive devices and years of battle between Taliban and Russian soldiers and, more recently, American and Afghan troops.
Just off the road, desolate homes barely stand as result of rockets and mortars, just like those from the night before. Sometimes the nights are endless with such attacks by insurgent groups.
Ganjigal valley is a known insurgent stronghold heavy with gun and improvised explosive device facilitation, said Iqbal Baland, Sarkani ALP commander. However, checkpoints throughout the area have effectively disrupted insurgent movement in and out of the valley, he added.
This is due to the layered security provided by joint operations and cooperation from all Afghan National Security Forces. In this area, those pillars include the Afghan National Army’s 201st Corps and ALP who work hand in hand in order to provide security to the local residents.
“It’s important to be able to work seamlessly with our counterparts and train them so that they are familiar with this area,” said Monsif Khan, commander of Afghan Special Forces working in the area.
“If we need information from the locals, we rely on the ALP,” added Khan. “We don’t want to put the peoples’ lives at risk for talking to us. So having ALP as our partners has been great. Eventually, our goal is to have ALP take the lead in this district, and we will continue training others elsewhere.”
A round up of operations within the last month led to at least 65 suspected insurgents captured and detained. The operations also resulted in weapons caches consisting of 18 kilograms of explosives, AK-47 assault rifles, 21 hand grenades and nearly 3,000 rounds of ammunition.
The increase in security has also given way to new ALP programs, slowly blossoming throughout the eastern parts of Afghanistan. In particular, Kunar province has graduated at least two classes of within the last five months. For those guardians who do choose to remain and serve, they are irreversibly taking the lead for Afghanistan’s security and future, Sam-i-Ullah said.
“I may be just one man, but I am very committed to my job and what we do,” said Sam-i-Ullah. “We do our best; so yes, I feel like what we do is making a difference.
The Kabul Times

Public view on 2014 presidential elections

Holding of free, fair and transparent elections is part of democracy and public rights in a country. Because the elections decide on political destiny of a nation.
Elaborating on significance of the elections in the democratic states, Turpaikai Nawabi, member of Women Political Participation Committee said, “It’s a fact that casting of the ballots or the vote is the fundamental right of each Afghan citizen, and the voter should cast their ballots with full deliberation and complete understanding from the political background of the candidates.”
Responding to a question with regard to the contribution of women in the elections, Ms. Nawabi said, “the women should be provided complete information about the election process, because election is a democratic and political process and the women should be granted the rights to participate in it in larger shape, the women will cast ballots in the upcoming elections in favor of the candidate who maintains complete awareness about the challenges of the country”.
Talking on the matter, Shafiqa Habibi, chairperson of Afghan Women Journalist Union said, “Public motivation on election is a great need, we should give motivation to the women to participate in 2014 presidential elections in majority and cast their votes for the candidate on pro-women candidate, asking the journalists to provide awareness to the women regarding vitality of the elections”.
“I will in the election for strengthening of democracy, a democracy where man and woman are treated equally, role of the youth have been feeble in democratic and political process of the country, the next president should have comprehensive programs for the youth, the journalists have responsibility to give information about the importance of elections to the people, local Afghan journalist Zabiullah Dorandesh said”.
This is while more than one million people have registered their names and the Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC) expects millions other to receive voting cards in coming weeks.
Kareema Malikzada

Afghans capable to foil foreign interferences, experts

Lasting years of foreign meddling particularly interferences of neighboring countries into internal affairs of Afghanistan aside by creating political instability also forged several socioeconomic challenges to the country.
However, government of Islamic republic of Afghanistan has persistently demanded these countries to pursue a policy of non interference into Afghan affairs, but they {neighboring countries} never bothered to do so and continue their previous policies to pursue their strategic objectives and save their national interests.In a recent statement, Pakistani Prime Minister’s National Security And Foreign Relations Advisor Sartaj openly said that if India halt meddling into Afghanistan politics, Pakistan will act the same.In the meantime, the analysts interpret the assertions of Pakistani official from different perspectives.“In-fact, assertions of Pakistani official clarify open interference of neighboring country into Afghan affairs and it’s completely in defiance to the international norms and principles of bilateral intergovernmental ties, because no country is allowed to interfere in internal affairs of others, MP Jaffar Mahdavi said, adding that Afghanistan as sovereign country maintains the rights to forge diplomatic relations with any nation, unfortunately, Afghanistan has been the victim of cross border political infiltration over the past three decades and now there is a need that Afghanistan by preserving its national interests keep a balance on its relations with other countries so that senilities are wiped out”.“I have hear these words elaborated by Pakistani official for several times, assertions of Mr. Aziz clarify that Pakistan has been involved in the deadly terror attacks in Afghanistan over the last several years, unfortunately, the government of Afghanistan never seriously reacted to these policies undertaken by Pakistan, the Afghan government should take clear policy with respect to Aziz’s statement not only from the address of government, but from the address of civil society, parliament and political parties political commentator Jawed Kohistani said”.“Government of Afghanistan should refer the case into international sessions, because it raises questions on Afghanistan’s national sovereignty and political liberty, Mr. Kohistani stated.”
“I think Afghanistan doesn’t need to prove Pakistan’s interference into our internal affairs, because its not the first time that Pakistan talks about stoppage of its political interference, so its important that Afghanistan give an end to Pakistani interference through national unification and prove that Afghanistan is a strong country, head of Afghanistan Center of Strategic and Regional Studies, Ghafoor Lailwal said”.
Mr. Azizi’s assertions came at a time that during his Kabul tour weeks before he said that Pakistan is prepared to pursue a policy of non interference in Afghanistan and support the Afghan peace and national reconciliation process. Mustafa Akrami

‘We strongly support Afghanistan’s reconstruction, peace process’, Chinese envoy to UNSC

The Chinese ambassador the UN Security Council has said that his country is committed to expand its strategic relations with Afghanistan.
Addressing the UNSC meeting, the Chinese ambassador said, “Afghanistan is coping with several challenges these days, the Afghan government and people gained tangible growth in different fields over the last ten years, we hope that the Afghan parties seek solutions to their disagreements through negotiations and talks”.
According to him, the Chinese governments fully support the peace and national reconciliation process and endeavor of Afghanistan High Peace Council (HPC) in this respect and called Pakistan’s contribution and role of other regional countries vital with regard to establishment of longstanding peace and security in the country. “We hope that international community jointly works with the Afghan people for creating the environment of trust and confidence for restoration of peace and Chinese government is determined to jointly work with the regional countries for strengthening of peace and national reconciliation process, china also intends to expand its strategic cooperation with Afghanistan, Chinese ambassador to the UN said”.
In the meantime, political commentators have interpreted the Chinese role in the reconstruction process of Afghanistan as quite important and say that China has played constructive role on reconstruction process of Afghanistan including the Chinese investments on mines extraction sector and the Afghan government should struggle to seek further support of china in the investment sector and mine extraction sector.
“Currently, Afghanistan enjoys close diplomatic relations with several world countries including China and China has invested in several sectors in Afghanistan same as mines, transportation and revival government institutions, analyst Amir Muhamamd said”.
Meanwhile, nationals of the country have said that Afghanistan by maintaining common geographical borders with China could expand its trade and economic relations with this country
Suraya Raiszada


                                               “A true patriot of Afghanistan” honored in Helmand

Through a holy Quran recitation ceremony, a true patriotic Afghan, mainly native to southern Ghazni province was paid tribute after he was martyred during a combat operation in southern Helmand province.
According to a report received by The Kabul Times from the alliance as saying, “Silence filled the Afghan cultural center as US and Afghan service members honored one of their own [through a Holy Quran recitation ceremony] in Lashkargah, the provincial capital of Helmand, the alliance said in a statement.
“A true patriot of Afghanistan,” began US Army Capt. Jason Forte, a unit chaplain, after he welcomed more than 50 US service members, Afghans, interpreters and friends to a ceremony on a US Marine base in Helmand province, Afghanistan.
“Today we will honor his memory,” Forte said.
US service members, local nationals and friends paid tribute to Ramzani, a longtime linguist and Ghazni province native, who died of injuries suffered during a combat operation Sept. 7 in Nahr-e Saraj district of southern Helmand province.
Colleagues spoke of his courage and friends read scriptures from the Quran in his honor.
Not only did Ramzani serve as an interpreter, but he also advised team members on Afghan culture, said Khalid Ahmadi, a friend of Ramzani. He had a relationship with everyone, and he was well liked. He was a brother to the U.S. team members and a big brother to the other interpreters with the team, Ahmadi added.
His selfless dedication to his country made a profound impact on the people he worked with, said a U.S. Marine who worked regularly with Ramzani.
Ramzani conducted more than 80 combat operations during his time with the 7th Special Operations Kandak, which led to increased security throughout the Helmand and Farah provinces.
“The interpreters working with U.S. forces are true teammates,” said the Marine. “U.S. forces could not do the work they do without the experience and wisdom of the interpreters, our brothers.”
Ramzani was born Jan. 1, 1986 in Jaghori district. He began working as an interpreter in 2009 to support the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to secure Afghanistan against insurgent forces. “Naeem was in every sense a team player and always put the team first,” said the Marine. “He was an excellent father, husband, brother and friend. He is loved dearly by his colleagues and his entire family.”
US Army Capt. Jason Forte, a chaplain, hosts a memorial ceremony Sept. 12, 2013, in Washer district, Helmand province, Afghanistan dedicated to Naeem Ramzani, an Afghan interpreter killed in action during a combat operation Sept. 7, 2013. Ramzani conducted more than 80 combat operations during his time with Afghan Commandos with the 7th Special Operations Kandak.
The Kabul Times

No alternative except timely holding of presidential elections

As the timeframe for holding of 2014 presidential and provincial councils’ elections gets nearer, the officials of Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC) have reiterated that in the view of current circumstances, there is no any other option for the country except holding of timely elections scheduled on April 5th, 2014. The assertions elaborated at a time that in a recent statement, the first vice president Marshal Muhammad Qaseem Fahim had pointed out Afghanistan extremely requires conducting the elections on the specific time and government of Afghanistan strongly supports holding of the upcoming elections on the due date.
It’s a fact that Afghanistan faces several challenges these days including insecurity, but it’s also quite important to realize that holding of timely elections constitutes main aspirations of the oppressed people of Afghanistan so that a peaceful transition of political power take place and democratic institutions are developed. The people of Afghanistan strongly believe that the government of Afghanistan will formulate comprehensive security plans to provide foolproof security to the voting so that misconceptions and speculations are prevented over legitimacy and transparency of the national process. The Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC) has already submitted the list of nearly 7,000 polling booths to the security institutions and the armed forces of the country have pledged to utilize all available sources to maintain security during the Election Day so that nationals of the country commute to the polling centers under peaceful environment. In addition, the world community has also supported the holding of elections and provided financial assistance to the IEC to hold the elections on the specific time.
Opposition parties have asked the government of Afghanistan to ensure better security to the elections so that the Afghan people who have been the victim of three decades of instability and conflict select their next president with the help of their ballots and mark destiny of the country with their own hands.
For this purpose, the government should undertake effective security measures to overcome on the security threats prior to the Election Day. Previously, the opposition parties warmly welcomed the ratification of election law and law on job descriptions and authorities of the IEC and ECC and interpreted the move as an important step towards holding of rigging free and fair elections. If we analyze the previous elections, the situations were totally different from what its now, during those days, several regions across the country were under insurgents’ control and large number of people remained deprived of casting their ballots, but today, the scenario is changed, because currently, up to 90 percent of the overall territory of the country is controlled by the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and democratic institutions are operational including civil society institutions. So this is a positive sign and it enhances public trust on future stability of the country. Alongside the government of Afghanistan, international community also retains moral obligations to monitor holding of free, fair and transparent elections, because Afghanistan as main victim of global terrorism and militancy have paid bigger price more than any nation and the world should realize the fact that stability in Afghanistan in-fact guarantees world peace.
The Kabul Times

21st of September World Peace Day

Peace creates solidarity, understanding and co-existence among people and causes friendship.
Peace is an urgent need of mankind and living in the light of peace on our planet is an old dream of humanity. Facts witness that all dimensions of life develop under peace and tranquility and no objective of mankind can be achieved without peace.
Due to its value and vitality, all efforts of the world community and peace-loving bodies have been concentrated towards ensuring peace. Experiences have shown that those who have tasted the flavor of peace and security and have always lived in peace, curse and hate warmongers and those who disturb peace and security. Peace-loving forces emphasize on peace. So peace is an urgent need of our globe. Social Justice can only be set up in peace. In absence of peace we miss justice, sympathy, love, affection and friendship but contrary, all abovementioned phenomena will be materialized. Peace and war are two contradictory terms that have been existing since the creation of mankind.
Based on importance and values of this great gift, we must realize its price and make indefatigable efforts to achieve it.
We shouldn’t let that atmosphere of peace and friendship be replaced by war and hostility and people be deprived of this priceless national gift. Peace should be eternal and permanent.
Because only in the enjoyable waves of peace, life is sweet.
The UN was established to prevent wars as it has so far prevented tens of small and big wars in Asia and Africa.
Human rights is another goal of mankind. Since the formation of this country, the Afghan people have been confronting invasions and aggressions of the world different rulers and empires and this situation is still going on which have created obstacle against peace. Even our people have totally forgotten peace and its’ celebration.
Although after the collapse of Taliban rule and establishment of new government, domestic rulers and the global community made a lot of efforts to pave the way for peace and security but reappearance of insurgents and increase of insecurities in most parts of the country have faced this objective with serious challenges. The government and the foreign forces consider the ongoing insurgency as the main root of insecurity but some analysts and people believe that the root of violence and insecurity in Afghanistan lay in poverty and unemployment. Although the high peace council has initiated grounds of negotiations with opponents but restoration of nationwide peace requires long time. Despite of current violence and war, our people celebrate the World Peace Day notwithstanding of potential threats of suicide attacks. Lailuma Noori

Prospects of Afghanistan’s previous decade achievements

Afghanistan opened a new chapter in international arena following collapse of the Taliban regime and formation of interim administration. The 9/11 terror attacks in the US remind the world that politically isolated Afghanistan threaten global security and support the terrorist organizations to use the Afghan soil as hideouts and training centers and carryout attacks on other countries.
The three decades of bloodsheds beside devastating basic socioeconomic infrastructures of the country also forced millions of Afghans to evacuate the country and seek refuge in neighboring countries. But, new hopes emerge to the country after international community intervened in Afghanistan in 2001 to get the country rid of fundamentalist regime of the Taliban and their Al-Qaeda counterparts. International intervention opened new doors of opportunities to the Afghan nation and the country succeeded to get major achievements since establishment of the new political and democratic system.
Today, up to eight million Afghan children are commuting to the schools from which 2.6 million are the girls, there were no school buildings for them in 2001 and only 900,000 boys were admitted to the educational institutions, today, literacy level has increased by 33 percent, according to the statistics of Ministry of Education (MoE) this figure would be developed by 60 percent by the end of 2025. Afghanistan also received tangible growth in other sectors same as Information Technology (IT), Telecommunications, Health, Education, Social Services, Economy, Trade, Mass Media, Transportation, Diplomacy, Sports, Vocational Training, Construction, Energy and Higher Education. In 2003, there were only 450 health centers across the country, but now it has reached to more than 18,00 centers
In energy sector, 18 percent of overall populations have access to electricity. In transportation sector, only 33 miles roads existed in the country in 2003, but now more than 7450 kilometers of roads have been established and asphalted with the financial aids of international community and strategic allies of Afghanistan. in media sector, today, more than 60 percent of the people watch TV and 95 percent are benefiting from radio transmissions even in remote regions. Afghanistan successfully ratified a constitution which has been written on the basis of Islamic principles and its one of the best constitution in the world that has covered all areas. Democratic institutions have also received major development, today, civil society institutions and media are conducting duties with full freedom and liberty.
Suraya Raiszada

Afghanistan introduces exports official mark

Afghanistan introduced the official mark of its export and commercial standard.
Previously, the commercial goods have no exporting mark, so in international markets vast forgeries were taken place on exporting goods of Afghanistan.
The authorities of ministry of commerce say that now, over 80 percent Afghan hand-made carpet are exported in the name of Pakistan.
In exhibition of Afghan fresh fruits held in Babur Garden of Kabul, the mark of standard of this country also introduced.
Deputy commerce minister, Muzammel Shinwari said the standard mark of export of Afghanistan attract the trust of regional and world markets.
He added that we introduce this mark to world markets.
It is discussed in exhibitions and bilateral sessions that when the export items have this mark, it would attract the trust of world markets.
Shinwari continued that efforts would be made to prevent from the export of low quality of commodities in the name of Afghanistan.
In regional markets, the Afghan products have good fame, but so far, were not exported in certain commercial standard.
Now, the government of Afghanistan considers to export commercial goods with developed standards and good quality to world markets.
Head of export promotion administration of Afghanistan Ms. Najla Habibyar said that having exporting mark is necessary and says that in first quarter of current year, the export of horticulture of Afghanistan shows an increase of 60 percent.
She added that the export mark of Afghanistan is introduced by eight merchants work in Europe through an exhibition.
The incharges concerned say that in export mark of Afghanistan three colours are used such as our flag.
Green colour indicator of being of Afghanistan as an agricultural country, the red colour indicator of having medical herbs and black colour represents from having rich national resources.
According to them, those government and private organs work in for expansion of commerce in Afghanistan can use this mark in their productions and export their products in world markets. Through this, they can promote their marketing activities in overseas.
A number of economic experts say that having export mark is important for export items of Afghanistan and added that the ministry of commerce and those private institutions are involved in this field should adopt such measure.
They believe that as of 13 years to date, despite the export of Afghan commodities have good markets in the world, the most part of Afghan exporting items were offered and exported to world markets with the mark of other countries especially Pakistan that is in contradiction with international commercial norms and such work should not be done.
A number of exporters of Afghan products say in the connection that with having tens product items Afghanistan has good fame in the region. The export items of Afghanistan that are include of carpets, varieties of dried and fresh fruits and vegetables have good quality that were exported for long time sans any mark. Now that we have mark, we can export our products in a good manner to world markets.
This is in a time that there are more hopefulnesses so this mark to help Afghan merchants and they offer their products more to world markets with using this mark.
Shukria Kohistani


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