Next govt. should be formed through people’s votes: Khalili

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24سرطان ملاقات معاون دوم ریس جمه ور باسفیر اگلستان ع  (2)

KABUL: British Ambassador to Kabul Richard Stagg met yesterday with Second Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili in Kabul.
In the meeting, the vice president while praising international community and UN for solution of Afghanistan election dispute, stressing that transparency in election was a key element.
He expressed hope that agreement between presidential candidates related to recounting all votes would help in further differentiating of clean ballots from unclean ones.
The Vice President also asserted that people’s votes should be respected and next government should be formed through the people’s votes.
He further said creation of dispute was not in the interest of Afghanistan because armed insurgents would benefit from the condition.
The Vice President considered formation of a broad-based government as a requirement in Afghanistan, hoping the issue would be echoed in upcoming government.
In the meeting, British Ambassador to Kabul considered agreement between the two candidates as key and effective step towards a bright and stable future for Afghanistan, stressing that his government would support a united and stable Afghanistan.
The Kabul Times



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