ANSF should curb terrorist attacks in coordination with locals, NSC

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مجلس امنیتی 22 سرطان 1393 (1) - Copy

KABUL: The National Security Council (NSC) with President Hamid Karzai on the chair held meeting in presidential palace yesterday.
At the beginning of the meeting, the ministers for security apparatus said that the terrorists are targeting and killing innocent people on charge of cooperating with the government.
They stated that the enemies by organizing roadside bombings along the roads and highways in different provinces including Helmand, Ghor and Kunar, killing and harassing innocent people.
Strongly condemning the coward terrorist attacks, the NSC instructed the national security forces to curb terrorist activities in coordination with the locals.
Appreciating the support of locals with security forces in repulsing terrorists from Charsada district of Ghor province, noting that improving security is impossible with the support of people.
President Karzai personally thanked the people of Charsada district over their support to security forces.
Receiving reports from Paktika province about installation of barbed wire by Pakistani troops near Durand Line fence was also discussed in the meeting and the ministry for tribal affairs and frontiers and interior were assigned to check the report and present their report in the next meeting of the NSC.
The Kabul Times


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