Inauguration of oil refinery a step towards Afghanistan’s self-sufficiency in petroleum sector

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Afghanistan as landlocked country has always confronted problems in trade and transit sectors with the neighboring countries. Economically imports of fuel material and petroleum have been a burden on the Afghan people and annually Afghanistan allocates billions of dollars to purchase oil from abroad. Allocation of financial expenditures for imports of oil and fuel materials from the foreign countries has also put economic pressure on the low class community in an impoverished country like Afghanistan.


However, government of Afghanistan had instigated studies on extraction of oil in the north zone of the country several years back, but there were some challenges on way implementation of the project, but the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) by maintaining their firm determination for safety and security of the country defeated the threats and Afghanistan finally put its first step in extraction of oil last and this would be interpreted as the first step for self-reliance of the country in petroleum sector. For the first time, in the history of Afghanistan, an oil refinery inaugurated in Hairatan port and Afghans strongly support implementation of such economic projects.


It’s said that the crude oil extracted from Amu Darya basin is refined in the refinery. This can be the first step for Afghanistan self-sufficiency in petroleum sector.


According to the statistics, daily up to 8000 to 10,000 tones of oil spent in the country and the oil is imported from various countries same as Iran and central Asian states like Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

But, the oil imported from these countries is lacking good quality. It should be realized that low quality oil and fuel material is a great threat to public health.


Economic analysts believe that extraction of oil from Amu Darya basin in the north zone of the country would lay positive impacts on the prices in the local market. It will also help Afghanistan to join oil exporters club and move towards socioeconomic development alongside other developing nations.


The people of Afghanistan expect that inauguration of the oil refinery declines the increasing oil and gas prices in the local market. The Kabul Times






A glance on president’s Pakistan tour

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 Hamid Karzai president of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan left Kabul for Islamabad on Monday on official invitation of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif where he is holding discussions with Pakistani officials on a number of key issues pertaining the two countries mainly war on terrorism, acceleration of peace negotiations with the armed insurgents and Pakistan contribution in persuading Taliban to attend negotiation table. 


In the meantime, the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) spokesman Janan Mosazai expressed hope over positive outcomes of the presidential tour to Islamabad and said that Afghanistan expects that president’s tour to Islamabad help in strengthening the tensed relations between the two countries.


Additionally, the spokesman of ministry of foreign affairs said that government of Afghanistan believes that president’s tour to Pakistan would lay positive impacts on elimination of terrorism and in persuading the neighboring country to endorse restoration of long term peace and stability in Afghanistan.


Elaborating on the topic, spokesman of ministry of foreign affairs Janan Mosazai said, “The president will hold discussions with Pakistani officials on a number of vital topics that include security of the two countries, war on terrorism and Pakistan’s honest contribution in restoration of peace in Afghanistan”.


Meanwhile, Pakistan foreign affairs ministry has said that there are some complains and misconceptions between the two countries, both neighbors should talks on the issues and president Karzai tour to Islamabad is important to future of the two countries.


Responding to a question with regard to the release of insurgent Taliban and the holding of grand meeting of Islamic scholars from the Muslim world, spokesman of Pakistan ministry of foreign affairs said that his country strongly supports restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan.


“Pakistan supports any move that could lead to restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan, Pakistani foreign affairs ministry spokesman Afraz Ahmad Chaudhary said”.


Restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan has been one of the important needs for the Afghan government and role of Pakistan has been interpreted decisive in this respect. Because Pakistan maintains major influence on the Taliban group.


Recently, the newly elected Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had said that Islamabad support peace restoration in Afghanistan if international forces evacuate Afghanistan.


However, role of neighboring Pakistan has been explained decisive in the peace negotiation process, but the fact is that it’s only the Afghan people who are able to mark destiny of their country.


Talking on the matter, political analyst Jawed Kohistani said, “Pakistan is compel to change its Afghan policy, otherwise, Pakistan is isolated in international politics more and more”.


In recent years, president Karzai visited Pakistan nineteen times and none of the trips yielded positive outcomes on peace process. Afghan people expect that this time, president’s tour to Pakistan lay beneficial outcomes on stability of Afghanistan. Lailuma Noori



Taliban should say “yes” to peace, reconciliation message

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When the intelligence services of the countries involved in Afghan  issues were failed to organize the Afghan Jehadi leader for promotion of one hundred percent  their heinous strategic programs and goals, that are include of the collapse of government system, annihilation of all nucleus of administration formations, museums, historical mountents, transporting roads including of ground and air ways, making insecure the situation, eradication of productive, economic and social institutions and employ them for realization of their sinister plans, they established another network or political, terrorist organization in the name of Taliban.

They trained beyond the borders in religious madrassas and were equipping with technical, logistical, financial, military and learning the military profession and technic by religious  instructors of ISI and equipped by the same  and were sent to hot fronts. They benefited from themselves.

The Afghan Taliban movement that first chanted slogans under the name of real heirs of nation and country and defending of nation and country as well as territorial integrity and residential regions.

But, presence of masters of ISI of Pakistan, Arabs, Chechens, British and the USA specially the Taliban of Pakistan among them did with organizing terrorist attacks, destructive activities, suicide attacks against scientific, religious, political, military, social and economic Afghan personalities through their masters, they showed their ugly faces to our people.

Additionally, it is obvious to all that these purposeful programs can partially imposed on them by the intelligence services of the countries involved in Afghan issues specially by our opportunist and invading neighbours that don’t see an developed and progress Afghanistan, inflicted negative impacts on public opinion of Afghan brave nation.

This state of barbarism and violence never accepted by our history and finally would be annihilated.

Because, the history has in its golden pages such good samples of meaningless and opportunist politics.

But, what the dignitaries say that fish is fresh in water for good.

The displeased brethren and Afghan Taliban   that their hearts are beaten for their homeland and are armed, how it would be pleasant to say “yes” to the peace message of their suffering people and through national cohesion and brotherhood join hands for paving the way for development and progress of their country and defend from territory of their common home that is kept with scarifying of thousands of our  pious and patriot people and no permit any more the sold-out enemies of their country to use them for realization of their sinister goals and once more change our  country into a ruined one.

We completely believe if the offended Afghan Taliban leaders to think about the past and see to the future with a good eye and set to in a negotiating table with Afghan government and solve their skirmishes, certainly, a new and stable Afghanistan would be  established.

How it is an Islamic and humanitarian  measure that our war weary people  to hear the message of peace, lay down their arms and join peace process and build their war-rattled country.

With such a measure, they fail the enemies’ strategic plan for changing free-loving Afghanistan into a slave of aliens and once the destructive wars to be ended.

This is the message of Islam and muslim people of Afghanistan. The Kabul Times


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