UAE assistance distributed among needy people in Jauzjan, Saripul

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Jawzjan (15)

KABUL: The humanitarian assistance provided by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been distributed among needy people in Jauzjan and Saripul provinces.
Provided under the direction of His Majesty Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zahid Aal-i-Nahyan the in-charge of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Aal-i-Nahyan, the aid consisted of flour, sugar, bean, cooking oil and blankets has been distributed to 1000 families in the districts of Faizabad and Khawja Dokoh, Jauzjan province.
Another 3000 families have received the aid in the districts of Sayad, Sozma Qala and Saripul city the capital of Saripul province.
The UAE has also provided assistance to the needy and flood affected people in Faryab and Badakhshan provinces.
Meantime, the charge de affairs of UAE in Kabul Juma Aal-i-Kaabi thanked the parliamentarians and security personnel for providing condition to support needy people in the northern provinces of Afghanistan and also assured continued UAE humanitarian aid to Afghans. The Kabul Times


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