Election commissions should ensure votes’ transparency: Qanooni

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18سرطان ملاقات محمد یونس قانو نی  با سفیرایران ع محمودشاه - Copy

KABUL: Mohammad Reza Bahrami, Ambassador and the Special Envoy of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Afghanistan called on the vice president Mohammad Younus Qanooni in Presidential Palace the other day.
In the meeting according to BNA matters pertaining the presidential elections and situation in the region came under discussion.
The vice president Qanooni said that the election process entered new phase, saying the people of Afghanistan are hopeful that the election commissions to ensure transparency of the process.
He also stated that what is announced by both the election commissions would affect the security and the economic situation of the country.
Ambassador Bahrami hoped that the people of Afghanistan would soon see the end of the election process in their country.
According to another report, Qanooni in meeting with NATO’s civilian envoy to Afghanistan Marotis Johams emphasized for ensuring transparency in the election process. The vice president also said that overlooking the votes of people could be risky for the security and stability of the country.
NATO’s civilian envoy in the meeting said that the NATO member states desiring peace, prosperity and stability for Afghanistan, saying the election process at last would led to electing new leadership and working both election teams closely would led to establishing strong government in Afghanistan.
The Kabul Times


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