Govt, int’l aid agencies dispatch relief items to Helmand, CM

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KABUL: Presided over by Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, routine council of ministers’ session was held yesterday at presidential palace.
First, minister of national defense briefed the session related to his visit to Helmand’s Sangin district recently attacked by enemies of the country, adding that during the attacks, a number of our countrymen have been martyred and injured and some displaced from their native areas.
Later on ministers of public health, rural rehabilitation and development and refugees and repatriates briefed the session related to dispatching enough foodstuffs, medicines and assistance provided by government and international organizations including blankets, tents, wheat, cooking oil and grains to Helmand for displaced families, adding that due to seriousness of war, the assistance was not dispatched to Sangin district.
While praying to the soul of martyrs the council tasked minister of rural rehabilitation and development and deputy of national disaster management authority to closely work with MoD and international organizations and dispatch urgent government assistance to Sangin district of Helmand province.
Later, national security advisor based on suggestion of border provincial governors and national traders delivered the following draft of a tasked delegation to the session related to addressing problems of (67) fuel tankers in Aqina border, some (6200) tons on other side of border, (550) tankers in Islam Qala border, (850) tankers in Nimroz border and (835) tankers in Mil and (78) tankers carrying mark (A80) petroleum previously bought by national traders and currently stopped in the country’s borders based on resolution (45) made by council of ministers on Feb 26, 2014:
· For the last time, only those traders whose fuel tankers were stopped in the country’s borders are obliged to enter their vehicles to the country within 30 days after reviewing their contract and transit documents from the neighboring countries.
· After completion of the first article’s deadline, no excuses are acceptable related to delaying and transit of fuel to the country and the perpetrator will be faced with serious legal punishment.
· The deadline is only for imported fuel mark (A80) in the borders and all other filtered and unfiltered fuel is not included and the council of ministers resolution (45) is implementable on them.
· For further supporting those refinery companies’ investors who are able to produce petroleum mark (A80) and diesel mark (L05-62) from the country’s unrefined fuel, they can deliver their products to markets for six months and during the period, they should fix products of their refinery companies according to new standards.
The council of ministers approved suggestion of the tasked delegation, tasking ministry of commerce and industries to let national traders know to enter their fuel tankers within the deadline.
At the end, the session approved three international agreements delivered by minister of foreign affairs to the session. The Kabul Times


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