President Karzai chairs NSC meeting

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KABUL: The National Security Council (NSC) with President Hamid Karzai on the chair held meeting at presidential palace on Sunday, wherein the minister for defense, minister for interior and acting chief of the national security directorate presented their reports about the security situation in the country with particular reference to the capital city. Briefing about the situation in the northern districts of Helmand province it was said that security in the Sangin district has been improved and the terrorists during retreat planted mines in residential areas even in Tanor (oven used for baking bread) in Sangin district . Stressing for protecting civilians, the meeting also condemned terrorist actions there. The NSC in its meeting issued the following message with regard to using mass media and social networks in Afghanistan: The freedom of press has been envisaged in the constitution and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is committed to defend it as one of the great achievements of the government over the past 13 years for supporting democracy in the country. The National Security Council and the leadership of the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has been requesting the users of the social networks to act as responsible citizens committed toward the law and national unity and with keeping in mind the centuries old brotherhood of the inhabitants of this land to deal with responsibility. Since the social networks nowadays can play significant role in ensuring national unity, peace and stability and bringing close relations among tribes, once again the activists of social networks and clever youth are requested to the social network in positive way so as to prevent ethnic tensions and fractions. The users have the right to utilize the social networks for positive criticism with keeping in mind respecting Islamic values, Afghani culture and journalistic moral and to respect the privacy of people. In the meeting, the operational chief of the defense ministry and head of foreign affairs of the NSC presented report on the recent visit to Pakistan and meeting with the military and security officials of that country and the NSC stressed for the continuation of talks with Pakistani side on the security along the Durand Line and the modalities of the cooperation between military officials of both the countries. At the end of the meeting, the minister for frontiers and tribal affairs presented his report about the visit of his ministry’s delegation to Khost and Paktika provinces and the situation of refugees come from other side of Durand Line and it was stressed that financial support to the refugees should be collected through a bank account. The Kabul Times


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