Candidates eager to see the election deadlock ends: Qanooni

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KABUL: First Vice President Mohammad Younus Qanooni in a meeting with US senator Carl Levin expressed hope that efforts to overcome the run-off election deadlock will be constructive.
Citing a statement of the Presidential Palace, the General Commander of NATO-led troops in Afghanistan Gen.
Joseph Dunford and US ambassador James Cunningham were also present in the meeting wherein Qanooni said that efforts are underway to end the election stalemate amicably. Senator Carl Levin pointed out, “I am very concerned over the current situation but I am hopeful that the deadlock ends amicably.”
The US senator also noted that the people of Afghanistan had demonstrated their valiant and courage in the first and second round of the presidential polls but now it is for the Afghan politicians to find proper solution for the deadlock.
According to another report, the First Vice President met Robert Chatterton Dickson the deputy to British embassy here in Kabul and exchanged views on the current situation in Afghanistan.
In the meeting, Qanooni hoped the election deadlock will soon over due to the ongoing efforts.
The Kabul Times


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