Senate commissions discuss various issues

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KABUL: Senate commissions discussed on various issues. In a session of international affairs commission held under the chairmanship of Arifullah Pashtoon, deputy minister of cultural affairs for the Ministry of Information and Culture briefed related to Laha Convention for support of cultural artifacts during armed disputes and said as a member of the convention Afghanistan was able to get more than 17,000 valuable and historic artifacts of the country, adding through the convention, Bamyan province had been chosen as a cultural center of SAARC member countries in 2015. He also said that more than 126 countries of the world had the convention’s membership and after approval by the country’s parliament, cooperation of the convention would increase in support and protection of artifacts and historic monuments of the country.
Deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs considered construction of residential houses near to historic monuments in Herat as a big challenge, asking for prevention of such buildings. Related to historic works in Ainak Copper Mine of Logar, he promised to take necessary step for keeping and protection of the works . The deputy minister’s statements satisfied the session. In a session of Senate’s commission for telecommunications and transportations held under the chairmanship of Eng. Ahmad Javid Rauf, income of directorate of Herat transport and annual income of ministry of transport were discussed and it was decided that minister of transport should attend one of the commission’s session for further briefings in this regard. The Kabul Times


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