Deadlock in announcing election results caused economic, security concern, Lower House

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KABUL: The House of People with Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi on the chair held session yesterday.
During the session the issue of creation of independent national department for university entry test was discussed.
Members of the house also condemned in strongest term the suicide attacks and bombings in the center and provinces during Ramadan which claimed the lives of people and injured some countrymen. They also prayed for the early recovery of those sustained injuries in the attacks.
Some of the lawmakers projected the questioning of security officials on Wednesday and expressed concerns besides criticizing the administrative board and chairman of the session for not summarizing the debate.
The legislators added that the security officials had openly spoken about poor equipments and intervention of Pakistan, calling upon the administrative board of the house of people to announce its clear stance.
Some of the lawmakers had strongly denounced the release of high-ranking Taliban by the government, adding the freed Taliban militants are leading the war in Helmand where many people including men, women and children have been killed and injured.
It was also suggested that the House of People should approve special budget for buying necessary equipments to the national army.
In the meantime, the challenge of the elections and suspension of announcing the election results were also discussed in the house and it was said that the election commissions had failed in discharging their responsibilities and the deadlock has caused economic and security concerns among the people.
The lawmakers also stressed that the election commissions had to discharge their responsibility in accordance with the law and announce the election results as per timetable. They also criticized the election commissions for delaying in announcing the results of provincial councils’ elections. The Kabul Times


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