Health services provided to Northern Waziristan’s displaced people in Khost

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KABUL: The necessary health services have been provided to those displaced people who had been forced to leave their houses in Northern Waziristan and migrated to the Khost province.
More than 33,000 refugees from Northern Waziristan have been forced to leave their houses due to the conflicts and have settled in Garbaz, Tanai, Maton, Ismael Khil, Nadir Shah Kot and other districts of Khost province.
A ranking delegation composed of high officials including Ahmad Jan Naeem the deputy to the ministry for public health, minister for frontiers and tribal affairs Mohammad Akram Khpelwak and minister for refugees and repatriates Jamahir Anwari visited Khost and inspected the living conditions of the refugees there.
T he ministry for public health has established a health clinic in the refugees camp of Dasht-e-Galan in Garbaz district wherein a doctor, a nurse, a vaccinator and a supervisor are providing medical services to the refugees. An ambulance is also in the service of the patients there and so far 3,450 patients have been hospitalized there in the clinic. The nine teams of vaccination have provided services to the five refugee camps and administered polio vaccine to 15,071 children under 12 and other immunity vaccines including BCG and 210 children there.
Moreover, a well have been dug in Dasht-e-Kalan refugees’ camp where 1,480 families are living to provide potable water. The Kabul Times


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