Afghanistan gains OIC Asian deputy post

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KABUL: Foreign ministry spokesman Ahmad Shekib Mustaghni said yesterday that Afghanistan has been elected as deputy to Asian group of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). Addressing a press briefing yesterday, Mustaghni said that Afghanistan in the 41st conference of foreign ministers of OIC was elected as deputy in the Asian group of the organization in the conference held in Jeddah on Jauza 26. Atiqullah Atifmal of foreign ministry and Abdul Rahim Sayed Jan the permanent envoy of Afghanistan to OIC represented Afghanistan in the conference. The conference in Jeddah, Mustaghni said was held to discuss the political and security situation in the Islamic countries like Iraq and Syria and the problems of Muslims in Mali, Myanmar, central Africa and other countries. In his speech at the conference in Jeddah, Atifmal thanked OIC for holding conference on Islam and peace in Kabul last year and called for holding similar conference in Afghanistan. OIC has 57 members and the membership of Syria has been suspended due to factional fighting there. The Kabul Times


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