Khalili welcomes UN cooperation in election impasse settlement

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KABUL: The Second Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili met UN Special Envoy to Afghanistan the other day and exchanged views on matters pertaining mutual interests including the recently held presidential runoff.
In the meeting, the UN Envoy hailed holding successful presidential runoff and the role of national security forces in providing security, saying the vast participation of the people in the elections is clear response to the armed militants that Afghanistan does not want to return to the past.
Hinting at the problems of election, the UN top diplomat in Afghanistan assured the world body’s help for talks with both the candidates and the election commission, saying the UN is ready to assist the people and the government of Afghanistan in solving their problems.
He also thanked the president and both the presidential candidates for welcoming the role of United Nations.
Thanking the UN for its support to Afghanistan, Khalili said that the world body’s contribution to Afghanistan was important over the past decade.
Khalili also welcomed the assistance of the United Nations in the election process, saying the cooperation of UN, presidential candidates and the election commissions would lead to the desired solution.
The Kabul Times


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