President Karzai a national figure, committed to freedom, Islamic values: R.S. Council

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KABUL: Members of Religious Scholars’ Council of Afghanistan in a meeting with President Hamid Karzai held yesterday praised the services of the president in more than over the past ten years in different fields and presented him an appreciation letter. In the meeting held in Presidential Palace , the religious scholars’ council, first readout its resolution wherein it appreciated the president for serving the people of Afghanistan. On the outcome of the presidential elections, the resolution said that the legitimacy of the elections which is a matter of concern, should be announced by the election commission and the election complaints commission, in accordance with the law of the country and the outcome must be accepted by both the candidates and the loser has to congratulate the winner. The Council also termed the coming month of Ramadan as a good omen and requested the president to provide all facilities to those who observe fast, besides instructing the ministry for interior to strictly check those break the law during fasting month. Similarly the religious schilars’ council called upon the national traders and businessmen to provide basic needs on proper prices and respect Islamic values in this regard. The council also called upon the radio and audio-visual media to keep in mind the month of Ramadan and avoid airing and broadcasting common place programs.
Mawlawi Qeyamuddin Kashaf the chairman of the religious scholars’ council in recognition of the services of president Karzai presented the appreciation letter to the president. In his speech, Mawlawi Kashaf described the president as a patriotic person, Mujahid, freedom-loving and committed to respect Islamic values.
After listening to the resolution of the religious scholars’ council, the president termed the appreciation letter of the council as very worthy and put it above all the appreciation letters he has received so far.
The Kabul Times


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