Both candidates are respected personalities: President Karzai

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KABUL: President Hamid Karzai met with members of Religious Scholars’ Council of Afghanistan day and exchanged views on the situation in the country with particular reference to the problems arising out of the June 14 presidential run-off.
The president said, “Arising doubts in the elections is natural but it is the responsibility of the election commissions and concerned bodies to solve the problems in accordance with the law of the counry.
President Karzai also stated that both the presidential candidates are respected personalities of Afghanistan and said, “We have two respected candidates in the run-off and we all know them.”
With regard to the proposal of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah about the role of United Nations and the meeting of president with the UN envoy said that, “Not only I have agreed with the proposal of Dr. Abdullah, but the proposal is a good step for resolving the problem”, saying anyone can help to solve the problems is welcomed.
President Karzai also added that there is another way to solve the problem and that can be talks between the vice presidents and elders of both the teams of the candidates, saying it depends on both the candidates to choose one of the options.
On the current situation in the country, the president said, “The situation is on the track and the problems of run-off will be solved either through Afghan style process or via UN to find a desired solution.”
About the recent developments in Afghanistan and the region, the president said that Pakistani Prime Minister had sought the support of Afghanistan with regard to military operations in North Wazirustan and said, “I assured him that Afghanistan is committed to support Pakistan in the war on terror, but stressed that civilians should not be harmed during the operations.”
President Karzai also suggested that a Pakistani delegation visited Kabul recently and conveyed a message wherein it noted, that operations in Waziristan is against the terrorists which had affected both Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The president also noted that Afghanistan would welcome all those affected by war and migrated to Afghanistan will be welcomed and the government would provide them humanitarian assistance such as the Pakistani people have hosted Afghan refugees.
The Kabul Times



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