Int’l community wants to see transparent result of run-off

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KABUL: The people of Afghanistan on June 14 once again demonstrated their will for boosting democracy and electing the country’s leadership by vast participation in the presidential run-off amid security threats, although they had lost their lives, chopped their fingers, they had given the message of friendship to the world.
However, the political atmosphere availed in the country giving the smile of instability wherein the people are going to lose the hope for bright future. Certain circles backed by the foreign agencies middling in the political, economic and cultural affairs of Afghanistan have been attempting to damage the peace and security in the country to fish from the troubled water and serve the interests of their domestic and foreign masters, that is why they have been trying to give ethnic color to the civilized movement and make ridiculous the sacrifices of people offered on June 14. Therefore, the demand of the international community and people of Afghanistan from the independent election commission is to respect and safeguard the votes of people, respect the blood of martyrs and not to put under question the transparency of the election which is a national process.
(Z. Nawabi)


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