Afghanistan strongly condemns terror attacks in Pakistan

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Kabul: The Government of
the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan strongly condemns the terrorist attacks that were carried out last night on Jinnah International Airport in Karachi and the other terrorist attack that targeted buses carrying Shia pilgrims in Balochistan state of Pakistan, in which many people were killed and injured.
The Government of Afghanistan believes that the continuation of such attacks is a testament to the fact that our region is facing a rising insecurity. We all must, therefore, have recognized by now that the use of extremism and violence as a tool serves no one’s interest.
Having suffered so much from such acts of violence imposed on them, the people of Afghanistan once again call on Pakistan to sincerely cooperate in the elimination of this evil scourge to which the people of Pakistan are also unfortunately falling victim today, so that the region can achieve peace and prosperity.
Afghanistan stresses once again on the need for an effective cooperation between the two countries, and believes that without comprehensive cooperation to fight terrorism and an end to the use of extremism as a tool, our region won’t be able to achieve stability, peace and prosperity. (The Kabul Times)


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