Ahmadi meets Iranian parliament representative

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KABUL: Deputy Minister of Foreign on Political Affairs, Ershad Ahmadi met with Iranian deputy for parliamentary and consulate, Ali Riza Qashqavi on Tuesday exchanging views related to various regional issues.
Both sides discussed second round of Afghanistan presidential election, problems of Afghan refugees in Iran, extension of Iranian visas for Afghans, concern of Afghanistan over dispatching of Afghan refugees for fighting in Syria, reduction of punishment for Afghan refugees to Iran, holding the third joint commission for consulate affairs and execution of agreements signed for handing over prisoners.
Ahmadi praised Iran for hosting Afghan refugees in the past 30 years, asking for extension of visas to Afghans.
Ahmadi briefed related to reports released in connection with dispatching Afghan refugees to Iran for fighting in Syria and expressed Afghanistan’s concern in this regard, asking for further information in this regard.
The Iranian representative said their vision was positive and ready for cooperation in all fields.
He rejected recent reports released related to dispatching Afghan refugees by Iran for fighting in Syria and added, “There is no military settlements in Syria according our strategy. Therefore, we’re not dispatching soldiers in Syria war, saying a number of individuals might take part in the war by having personal and religious impetus.”
It is worth mentioning that Qashqavi is in Kabul for opening new electronic system in the Iranian consulate section providing facilities in issuing visa to Afghans.
The Kabul Times


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