National Defense Minister leaves for Brussels to participate in NATO Defense Ministers’ meeting

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KABUL: A session was held yesterday at Defense Ministry for reviewing report of ANA delegation dispatched to review all six ANA Corpses of the country.
The session was held with participation of Minister of Defense General Bismillah Mohammadi and all high-ranking officials of the ministry, first the dispatched delegation presented its report to the minister, adding that as a result of their visits to ANA corpses, problems existed in the corpses had been addressed and there was nothing to be concerned.
The delegation assured Minister of Defense that ANA forces stationed in the country’s six corpses were ready to defend the country and would step serious action against any activities of enemies of peace and stability.
According to the report, ANA forces have taken necessary preparations for maintaining security during the second round of presidential election, asking the people to go to polling stations and cast their ballots to their favorite candidate without any fears.
Minister of National Defense instructed the dispatched delegation to provide particular plans and programs within four days for addressing problems in ANA corpses and offer them to Ministry of National Defense.
The Kabul Times


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