President Karzai’s message on World Children Day

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KABUL: First June is the World Children Day and the day is marked across the globe with the objective to respect children and pay attention to their health and education in human society.
We are celebrating the World Children Day at a time when the situation of children in our country has been very much improved than 12 years ago.
Children mortality and outbreak of diseases among them have been reduced, with thousands of children enrolled in school each year. And kindergartens got operational in most cities of the country.
In addition to achievements, there are also problems to overcome.
The future of the country depends on today’s children. If our children are healthy, can go to school and get education, our country would get economic, social and cultural development in the future.
In addition to government and non-government bodies supporting children, it is the prime responsibility of the parents and all citizens to take care of the children in the fields of health, education and recreation.
At the end, I am congratulating the children over the day and thanking the ministry for information and culture and partner bodies for celebrating the World Children Day.
The Kabul Times


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