‘People builders, maintainers of Afghanistan’s stability,’ Qanooni

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KABUL: First Vice President Mohammad Younus Qanooni met yesterday with a large number of elders and influenced figures of Paktia, Kapisa and Parwan provinces, discussing related to their environmental problems. In the meeting, the First Vice President while calling the people as builders and maintainers of peace and stability said, “Afghanistan is a common home of all Afghans and it is the responsibility of the government to work and serve to the people without any discrimination.” The First Vice President asked elders of Paktia, Kapisa and Parwan provinces to widely participate in the second round of presidential election as did in the first round of the election. In the meeting, three elders representing the others shared their environmental problems with the First Vice President who assured them of addressing the problems through relevant organs. According to another report, First Vice President Mohammad Younus Qanooni in a meeting with leadership panel and women for Youth Activists Network called young generation as hopes of Afghanistan’s today and tomorrow, saying investment on young generation was in fact a move towards development of the country. In the meeting, a number of women representing Young Activists Network for Change and Amendment spoke and enumerated their problems as lack of employment opportunities, absorption in higher education institutions as cadre, low teaching quality in higher education institutions and corruption in government offices. They asked the government to take serious steps towards counter corruption as the phenomena could destroy all systems of the government. The First Vice President hoped they should have particular suggestions related to the mentioned problems, saying solution of some of the mentioned problems would take time.
The Kabul Times


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