ECC holds 1st session

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KABUL: First session of the Environment Coordination Committee (ECC) was held yesterday with the participation of more than 60 representatives from cabinet ministries and organizations.
In the session, general director of national administration for environment protection briefed related to protection of environment.
Representatives of various organizations besides presenting their activity reports to the session, shared suggestions related to environment protection.
Advisor to Ministry of Information and Culture Jalal Noorani also spoke at the meeting as saying National Radio Television of Afghanistan (RTA) and government newspapers were ready for cooperation in public awareness on protection of environment.
“We can work in this regard through film, drama and dialogues. Various programs as art, literature and Islamic studies and all other programs of RTA can aware even illiterate people of the country related to how they could protect the environment,” Noorani said.
He added, the National Administration for Protection of Environment should be promoted to ministry and should work close with Ministry of Commerce for providing facilities related to reproducing paper, plastic and metal in small firms which would cause reduction of trashes.
The Kabul Times


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