WHA granted ‘Will and Determination’ award to Afghanistan

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KABUL: Minister of Public Health says Afghanistan has been granted ‘will and determination’ award in 67th World Health Assembly (WHA) .
Speaking in a news conference, Minister of Public Health Dr. Suraya Dalil said she had participated in 67th session of World Health Assembly held in Geneva and signed international health cooperation agreement in the sideline of the assembly’s session.
“In the assembly’s session, I recalled in my speech development in health sector in elimination of polio, mothers and children health, building up system of health and nutrition and challenges in health sector,” Dr. Dalil asserted.
Minister of Public Health further said she has granted ‘will and determination’ award by world leaders council for health in the sideline of the assembly.
Dr. Dalil added World Leaders’ Council for Health had praised Afghanistan for prioritizing health in particular health of mother and child and accepted that Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health had worked with ambassadors, ministries, lawmakers and religious figures to increase their considerations related to addressing the demands of women health, saying the award had been granted to Afghanistan through a world competing process.
The Kabul Times



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