Next govt to review cases of assassinated journalists

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KABUL: In a joint session held yesterday by 3G organization and SAFMA in government media center, participants asked next government to review cases of assassinated journalists.
Officials of South Asia for Media Association (SAFMA) asked the upcoming government to review cases of ten social and cultural women killed in the past 11 years.
In the session, officials for 3G organization also spoke and asked the next government to support life and working safety of journalists.
Representing the government, Deputy Minister of Publication Affairs for Information and Culture Ministry Simeen Hassanzada declared overall support and said a session would soon be held with participation of social and cultural women activists in Kabul in order to review problems of women and seek practical ways for solution of their problems.
Meanwhile, based on suggestion of MoIC and approval of the country’s president, a commission for supporting journalists has been formed under the chairmanship of Minister of Information and Culture and participation of authorized representatives of MoD, MoI, NDS, Attorney General Office and two experienced journalists to review relevant cases and issues related to journalists.
The commission in its second session held last Wednesday decided that Attorney General Office should provide cases of journalists to the newly formed commission for reviewing the cases for a short time.
The Kabul Times



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