Deputy FM meets his Indian counterpart

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KABUL: Arshad Ahmadi the deputy foreign minister on political affairs met his Indian counterpart Ms. Sujatha Singh here yesterday and exchanged views on matters relating further enhancing economic and military relations.
Besides congratulating the election of new Indian leadership, Ahmadi said, “Indian Republic as a committed and trusted friend has generously assisted Afghanistan over the past 13 years in the field of development and the people and government of Afghanistan are grateful to India’s contribution.”
Ahmadi also assured that the government of Afghanistan would spare no efforts in providing security to Indian diplomats work in Afghanistan. Stressing on lasting relationship between the two countries, Ahmadi stated that, “Attack on the interest of India in fact is attack on the interests of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.” Reciprocating the impression, the Indian foreign secretary expressed gratitude over the rapid reaction of Afghan security forces and Indian security guards against attackers on Indian consulate in Herat city, said that, “The Republic of India considers the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as its good friend and further develop its relations and would remain alongside Afghanistan forever in any condition.”
The Kabul Times


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