Transparent election results legitimizes next government: Qanooni

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KABUL: First Vice-President, Mohammad Younus Qanooni met Ms. Ansozorefer the chairperson of National Democratic Institute of Afghanistan the other day and exchanged views on holding presidential and provincial councils’ elections and the runoff.
In the meeting, according to BNA, the vice president besides offering condolence over killing a member of the institute during attack on Serena Hotel on March 20, called upon the national and international bodies to ensure the transparency of the presidential runoff by monitoring the process.
Qanooni also said that the transparent process of the polls gives legitimacy for the next government. For her part, Ms. Ansozorefer in her address said that the National Democratic Institute of Afghanistan would cooperate with concerned bodies in training of the observers, saying the institute has so far given training to 2200 observers for better observing the Afghan election process.
She also said that 68 observers had been sent to 26 provinces. The Kabul Times


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