President Karzai meets Turkmen Deputy PM

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KABUL: Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met Rashid Muradov the deputy prime minister and foreign minister of Turkmenistan at the Presidential Palace the other day wherein the Turkmenistan dignitary presented the good wishes of his country’s president Qurban Quli Berdi Mohammadov to his Afghanistan counterpart.
The Turkmenistan deputy prime minister in the meeting besides expressing satisfaction over friendly relations between the two countries in all fields expressed his country’s concerns over the recent violent incidents and activities of criminal groups along the common borders between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. He also added that criminal activities along the common borders especially in border areas of Faryab and Badghis are on rise and there is need for the meeting of the borders security commission in its earliest and taking serious steps to check such activities.
Mr. Maradov besides stressing for investigation into killing few borders’ guards of Turkmenistan by criminal groups pointed out that the criminals must be brought to justice. For his part, President Karzai said that the government of Afghanistan is aware of criminal activities along the borders in Faryab and Jauzjan, saying possibly foreign elements are involved in. The president also assured that the Afghan government would initiate thorough investigation into the case. Meantime, the president said that cooperation between the security and intelligence organs of both countries is significant for checking criminal activities, adding the Afghan security forces will be increased along the common borders. President Karzai also instructed the security organs and the national security council to investigate the case and work closely with Turkmenistan side to curb criminal activities. The Kabul Times


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