First issue of Durr-e-Dari monthly unveiled

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KABUL: In a function organized on this occasion at the hall of Isteqlal high school at the outset the editor-in-chief of Durr-e-Dari monthly Abbas Arman talked on the objectives of the monthly said, the Durr-e-Dari monthly is one of the literal and cultural publications’ which came out prior to this for over twenty years outside the country had which published issues including poems, critiques of literal fictions, library etc. hereafter this monthly will be operating inside the country with the cooperation of Mehrgan Chartiy Foundation and France Cultural Institute. Later on congratulating and conveying the message of MoIC Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen advisor of the MoIC Jalal Norani talked and said the MoIC has instructed me to convey his congratulations on the occasion of out coming of Dur-e-Dari monthly to you. He added, the MoIC strongly support your literal and cultural activities and our national traders and businessman and cultural professionals should offer support for such key magazines. Similarly Ustad Rahnaward Zaryab, Ustad Partaw Naderi and a number of cultural professionals also addressed this function. The Kabul Times


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