2nd session of journalists support commission held

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KABUL: Headed by Minister of Information and Culture Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen, the second session of journalists support commission was held for responsible and impartial covering of media during the first round of presidential elections.
In the session, members of the commission praised media for their role during the first round of the elections, asserting that media had proved they stepped towards improvement.
The commission hoped media should act balanced, impartial and according to the country’s national unity during the second round of the elections and encourage the people to widely participate in the elections.
Members of the commission Abdul Hameed Mubariz, Major General Nabi Azimi, Dr. Esmat Elahi, Gen. Rahimullah, Abdul Ghafoor Urfani and Shafiqullah Shaheer discussed related to problems of journalists in Kandahar, asking governor, provincial director of information and culture and journalists union of Kandahar for investigating the issue.
The commission praised media for keeping impartiality, balance and setting impetus for participation during the beginning of the second round of the elections.
The commission also briefed journalists and media personnel related to following security and defending rules.
The Kabul Times


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