Whatever paid to you as pension is result of your long years’ efforts: First VP

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KABUL: First vice president Mohammad Younus Qanooni had a meeting the other day with a number of members of Union of Military Retired (UMR). At the outset of the meeting head of UMR talked on current problems facing with and asked the government to rehabilitate their legal rights. Head of UMR added that in the last twelve years no step has been taken for increase of retired pension by the government as a result of which the retired faced with problems. He submitted certain solutions to acting president to get out from this problem.
In this meeting Qanooni called the civil and military retired the servant of society who have made plenty of efforts during their mission for the country.
Qanooni said that whatever is paid to you as pension is the result of your long years work and endeavor which has been saved from your monthly salary and its payment is the government obligation. Qanooni promised to present the submitted drafts by UMR to government to find a solution. According to another report First vice president Mohammad Younus Qanooni had a meeting with a number of Herat elders and lawmakers. In this meeting one of the Herat elders talked and pointed out on problems of people in the field of roads between Herat city and relevant districts, carelessness to Salma Dam and other projects which remained incomplete recently in that province. He appreciated ANSF specially Herat security forces who have not spared any efforts in ensuring security of elections.
Qanooni assured Herat elders and lawmakers that these problems will be tackled through concerned authorities.
The Kabul Times


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