Problems of RTV employees to be tackled: Qanooni

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KABUL: First vice president Mohammad Younus Qanooni in a meeting with general president of National Radio TV, heads of departments, newscasters and some technical and publicity workers discussed current problems, reports the presidential press office to BNA adding that in this meeting Zarin Anzoor general president of RTV, Jalal Mahmoodi deputy of RTV, head of radio Afghanistan, two newscasters and head of RTV administrative and finance branch spoke respectively and touched problems facing with. They said that since five months the employees of RTV failed to collect their overtime while 560 employees are involved 24 hours in the capital and provinces including holidays and Fridays in providing information and giving awareness to people. While according to officials of RTV some ministries have already paid overtime of their employees more than RTV. They said that eight Jerib land property of RTV have been leased to Canadian embassy for fifty years against $11 million and based on the resolution of CM this amount was allocated for the construction of RTV complex project which has remained incomplete since 1371.
Qanooni assured the RTV officials that their problems will be tackled through relevant sources. The Kabul Times


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