Afghan forces are well-prepared to rebuff terrorist activities: Daudzai

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Addressing a press conference here Minister of Interior, Mohammad Omar Daudzai, said that in order to adopt tight security during campaign and runoff, the ministry is engaged in a serious of meeting to ensure coordination among all provincial commanders and discuss the challenges and achievements.
He said that security challenges are more, but Afghan forces are well-prepared to rebuff the terrorists and foil terror attacks during second round of the election. Afghan police learned a lot from the first round of presidential poll and will take better security in second round across the country.
Pointing to Taliban threats regarding election, he said that Taliban will be failed in the runoff as they were failed in the first round. Taliban are trying to create fear among people through propaganda, but can never sabotage election, security will be enforced and people will take part, as seven million took part in the first round nationwide. He highlighted that in order to boost up women participation over 12,000 policewomen will be trained and deployed at the polling centers across the country. The Kabul Times
The minister asked the Taliban to respect the public decision in the election and restrain from disrupting election.
Daudzai told newsmen that many foreign militants entered into Afghanistan to disrupt the election, but Afghan forces are ready to foil their attacks.
He said the police force will remain impartial in the election as they were in the first round of election throughout the country. Only 12 cases of interference were reported about police in the first round of election, and the ministry prosecuted all the cases. ?He urged public to cooperate with police and help them for further achievement in the aspect.


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