Seminar on Bedel held

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KABUL: The seminar on (life and works of Abdul Maani Mirza Abdul Qader Bedel on his 300th death anniversary) was opened by the message of President Hamid Karzai yesterday.
The participants included former president Sibghatullah Mujadadi, presidential advisors Nematullah Shahrani and Zalmai Hewadmal, deputy ministers and officials from the ministry for information and culture, some Kabul-based diplomats, parliamentarians, scholars and cultural figures.
In the beginning the message of President Hamid Karzai was readout by Mrs. Simin Hassanzada the deputy on publication with the ministry for information and culture.
Speaking at the seminar, the minister for information and culture Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen highlighted various dimensions of the personality of great poet Mirza Abdul Qader Bedel, saying Bedel who passed away 300 years ago in India was a great philosopher and poet of Persian Dari.
Bedel had a great deal of knowledge on Greece civilization as well as Indian culture, Dr. Raheen said, adding Bedel had studied Mahabarata.
The minister went on to say that Bedel was a great Sufi at level of Bayazed and Junaid and has more than 100,000 poems. Bedel likewise Mohidin Ibn Arabi, Shikhul Akbar and Mawlanai Balkh was the great Islamic philosopher, Dr. Raheen said, adding that Bedel put delicates subjects in delicates poems.
Former president Sibghatullah Mujadidi also spoke on the occasion and termed Bedel as great personality.
The Indian ambassador to Afghanistan Amar Sinha in his address highlighted the life of Bedel and said that Bedel was born in Patna city of India, spent most of his life in India and is a world-known personality.
The ambassador also thanked Dr. Raheen and other officials of the ministry for information and culture for holding the seminar.
Mrs. Simin Hassanzada, was elected as chairperson, Ms. Qamar Ghafar as deputy and Mohammad Sharif as secretary in the first session of the seminar.
According to another report, Dr. Raheen on the 300th death anniversary of Bedel named a street in third Macrorayon after Shah Kabuli a follower of Bedel, yesterday. The Kabul Times


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