Unregistered media, printing presses, publication organizations to be faced with legal punishment

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KABUL: Media, printing presses and publication organizations not registered at Ministry of Information and Culture and illegally operating will be faced with legal punishment.
Deputy Minister of Publication Affairs for Information and Culture Simeen Hassanzada in an interview with BNA said, “Based on 27th article of law for mass media, Afghanistan nationals, political parties, social organizations, government and non-government organizations have the rights to set up printing press, film production, journalism learning centers, translating centers, news agencies and commercial advertisement companies, adding based on 28th article of the law, the organizations need to get operating license from MoIC, but despite of the law’s precision, a number of publication organizations and printing presses are operating without any license.” Mrs. Hassanzada said a panel encompassing representatives of Ministry of Interior, NDS and MoIC would soon start their reviewing and assessing work for identification and controlling of the organizations’ operations in Kabul city. “The panel is tasked to review legal license of printing presses and publication organizations and will give two weeks deadline to those organizations not registered yet with MoIC and in case that they won’t refer to MoIC for registration within two weeks, their operations will be declared illegally,” Simeen Hassanzada added.
The Kabul Times



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