ANSF neutralized outsiders’ strategic goals in 1st round of elections, CM

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KABUL: The first vice president and acting president Mohammad Younus Qanooni presided over the periodical meeting of Council of Ministers in Presidential Palace yesterday. In the beginning, the acting president Qanooni briefed about the ensuring security in the second round of presidential elections and said that the security forces of the country had successfully provided security for the polling stations in the center and provinces during the first round of the elections and thus all the malicious designs of the enemies devices outside the country had been foiled. As per agenda, the second vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili and chairman of economic committee of the Council of Ministers briefed about the decisions of the committee and called upon the concerned ministers to present their viewpoints in the meeting. Later, the legislative plan of 1393 and the report of 1392 of the justice ministry was presented by acting justice minister and pointed out that in 1392 altogether 49 cases of legislative documents which indicates about 50 percent more than plan had been prepared by the ministry for justice and completed its procedure. He also stated that in the plan of 1393, the justice ministry altogether drafted 34 laws and proposals which have been approved by the council of ministers. At the end of the meeting, two cases of international agreements were presented to the session by the deputy financial and administrative and acting foreign minister as following and both were endorsed.
– The Memorandum of Understanding between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran about construction and managing of 120 bed Imam Khumaini Hospital in Bemyan province.
– The scientific cooperation agreement between Kabul polytechnic University and Technical Institute of Dagao Place of Lithuania. The Kabul Times


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