ANA plays significant role in defending country: Qanooni

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KABUL: First Vice-President, Mohammad Yuonus Qanooni in a meeting with the leading body of the defense ministry the other day praised the role of the national army in foiling the enemies’ malicious designs and defending the country as very significant.
In his address, the vice president emphasized for more coordination among ANA units with the sister security organs for defending the country and facing the security challenges.
Later, defense minister Bismillah Mohammadi lauded the ANA and said, “We took the leadership of military operations last year and have discharged it successfully, saying Afghan security forces are ready to complete the security transition phase. He also noted that the cooperation of Afghans would facilitate more victory for the national security forces.
In the meeting, the vice president said that the personnel of national army have already completed the process of training and equipment and are capable enough to foil the enemies’ conspiracies.
Qanooni said that the efforts of the national army have foiled the vicious designs and strategic programs of the foreigners.
The vice president also said that with the support of the international friends the ANA will be further equipped and would soon have capable air power.
Describing the personnel of security forces as heroes, Qanooni stated that you the security personnel besides discharging your security responsibility also extended support to the natural disaster affected people and have saved their lives.
The Kabul Times


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