NSC confirms strategic Plan for enforcement of ANA

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KABUL: The National Security Council(NSC)with President Hamid Karzai on the chair held meeting yesterday and confirmed the strategic plan on enforcement and capacity building of the national army of Afghanistan(ANA).
In continuation of the previous meetings, the president in meeting with high-ranking officials of the general staff of the national army over the past two years discussed the draft on the strategic outlook about the perspective of capacity building of the national army and in yesterday’s meeting the final draft of the general staff was approved.
The leading bodies of national defense ministry and the general staff explained the reports and the final drafted plan about the 12 years old outlook of the national defense ministry on the modalities of improving the system chart, equipment, quality, the recruitment system and budgetry for the national army explained. After comprehensive debates, the plan was approved and the ministry for defense has been tasked to hand over the mentioned plan as the strategic outlook of the national defense ministry about the current situation, infrastructure and the outlook of the national army of Afghanistan to the next defense ministry in the presence of the next president of the country.
The National Security Council also discussed the security situation during the second round of the presidential elections and the ministers for security sectors assured the meeting about preparation for providing security during the elections.
At the end of the meeting, head of administrative affairs and the secretariat of the council of ministers briefed the participants about the preparation for holding power transfer ceremony and taking oath for the next president.
The Kabul Times


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