Lower House session approves changes in laws

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KABUL: Wolisi Jirga or Lower House of Parliament approved yesterday government suggested changes in laws as formation and competency for judicial courts, penalty executions and social court principles.
The house also approved original context of law for addressing the children’s violations in place of government suggested change.
In the House’s session held under the chairmanship of the jirga’s speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, members of the jirga discussed on government suggested changes in 67th article of law for formation and competency for judicial courts, 26th article of law for penalty executions, 6th article of law for addressing to children’s violations and 179th article of social court principles.
Before discussing on the laws’ changes, members of the jirga spoke related to various issues as existance of electoral violations, involvement of high-ranking employees of Independent Election Commission in frauds, clear violation of law by IEC, needs of introducing of electoral violators to judicial organs, dispatching of Afghan refugees’ sons from Iran for fighting in Syria by the government of Iran and need of summoning of Iranian ambassador to Kabul for further information in this regard, Afghan refugees problems in other countries of the world particularly in Turkey, inconsideration of Afghanistan government officials towards solution of the refugees problems, entering of Pakistani forces to Maroof district of Kandahar and non-cooperation of foreign forces with Afghan security forces in protecting the Afghan borders and related problems. In the session, members of the jirga asked government and relevant officials to take practical steps addressing the problems. Related to the discussed issues, speaker of Wolisi Jirga Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi asserted that the government was obliged to take serious steps for addressing of problems of Afghan refugees to Iran and Turkey.
The Kabul Times


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