IHRC concerned by harsh children situation in Afghanistan

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KABUL: The Independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC) in its recent report expressed concern over the situation of children in Afghanistan.
Meantime, UNAMA in its report released here said that the children have been recruited in arm conflicts. The report also noted that using children in war is a breach of Islamic laws and international norms.
According to BNA, the Independent Human Rights Commission in its report said that using children in armed conflicts, trafficking drugs, sexual abuse and trafficking children outside the country are the cases that the watchdog is concerned over.
The human rights watchdog in the report expressed satisfaction over government step not to recruit children in the security organs, calling on warring sides to protect children and civilians.
According to the report, the casualties of non-combatants increased 2.9 percent in compare to previous year; while the casualties of children gone up 14.9 percent in compare with last year.
The report of human rights commission said that 32 children had been killed by security forces last year and 31 others injured. Based on the report, the fatalities of children by the national security forces and the international coalition troops had gone up 31 percent in 2013.
However, the UNAMA in its 58-page report termed the children as the most vulnerable segment in the society, calling upon warring sides to respect Islamic and international laws and protect the children. The Kabul Times


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