Culturists, scholars call on Qanooni

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KABUL: A number of cultural figures, artists, poets, writers and researchers called on the Fist Vice-President Mohammad Younus Qanooni on Tuesday and exchanged views on cultural situation in the country.
In the meeting, according to BNA, the vice president beside the role of the cultural people in society said that the place of you people has been recognized by the government.
However, he said that lack of strategic program for the culture of Afghanistan is one of the reasons that the country has not developed in the promotion of culture. The first vice president assured the participants of his support for the promotion of culture and cultural development in the country. Speaking among others in the meeting were Safia Sediqi, Simin Ghazal Hassanzada, Shija Khurasani, Khalida Ferogh who in their speeches briefed the vice president about the challenges laying ahead of the cultural society of Afghanistan. Research on the national literature, drafting cultural policy, returning the properties of the writer association of Afghanistan and journalists association of Afghanistan were among the problems that the delegation discussed with the vice president. It was decided in the meeting that a commission composed of the poets, writers and cultural figures to be constituted to draft the cultural policy of Afghanistan. According to another report the vice president Qanooni met a delegation of intellectuals and professors of Parwan University yesterday. The delegation in the meeting briefed the president about the problems of Parwan University and lack of implementation of National Solidarity Program (NSP) in Charikar city which had left the city face mini city and mini village.
The vice president assured to look into the problems.
The Kabul Times


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