Afghan people achieve awareness, high culture

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KABUL: First Vice President Mohammad Younus Qanooni met yesterday with a number of various tribes of Kabul people and other provinces and discussed related to current issues of the country and environmental problems.
During these meetings, the first vice president regarded Afghanistan as the common home of all Afghans and said, “Don’t let those people who are hiding themselves in clothes of ethnicity, hurt unity and brotherhood between the people of Afghanistan.”
The first vice president invited the people for keeping unity, forbearance and solidarity and added, “You have shown to the world your solidarity and cohesion in the elections and proved Afghans have reached to awareness and high culture and won’t let enemies of the country’s stability and fun the fire of dissention and cause losing of the past 12 years achievements.”
“Government officials are in the service of the people and you are asked to share your problems with me or relevant officials in my office and be sure that your problems will be addressed through relevant organs,” Qanooni added.
In his separate meetings, the first vice president met with elders and influenial figures of Paktia, Paktika, Laghman, Panjshir, Kunduz, Herat, Maidan Wardak, Parwan, Kabul provinces and a number of government retired employees of Kabul, Afghanistan Sciences Academy teachers, district governor and members of development council of Bagrami people, a number of teachers of Kabul Polytechnic University, head and members of Afghanistan teachers council and a number of representatives of teachers of Maidan Wardak’s schools.
The Kabul Times


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