Rendering health service, people’s dire need, Qanooni

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KABUL: First vice president Mohammad Younus Qanooni presided over the working meeting of the ministry for public health the yesterday. The meeting, according to BNA was attended by the minister for public health and the leeading body of the ministry wherein the vice president said that providing health services essential for the people.
For providing better health services and having access to the necessary services, the vice president said holding such meetings is significant. Later, the minister for public health Suraya Dalil presented the report of ministry to the meeting which includes the achievements and the problems in health sector.
Based on the report, the mother and child under five mortality rates reduced , and implementation of vaccinations on measles, increase in life expectancy, training midwives, controlling births and eradication of polio at district level.
The minister for public health also provided information on construction of health centers and hospitals at district level.
However, she said that shortage of female health personnel and poor quality teaching in private educational centers are among the problems that can affect health services. The Kabul Times


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