President Karzai receives Ghazni dignitaries

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KABUL: A number of Ghazni province dignitaries, MPs including of provincial governor Musa Khan Akbarzada called on President Hamid Karzai the and briefed the president about the achievements and problems of the province.
Governor Musa Khan besides offering condolence over the departed souls of recent natural disasters, described Ghazni as mini-Afghanistan, saying different ethnics and followers of different religions have been living in brotherhood atmosphere alongside each others there.
Naming Ghazni as capital of Islamic civilizations is a matter of pride for the present government, governor Akbarzada said, adding all the projects with regard to reconstruction process of the historic monuments has been completed.
Akbarzada also thanked the government for promoting Ghazni to first grade status, building engineering university and rehabilitation of the historic monuments.
Hinting to problems in Ghazni province, governor Akbarzada called for construction of hospitals, schools, asphalting roads and building Sultan and Zardalo dams as well as preservation of historic monuments.
Lawmakers Qayum Sajadi, head of provincial council Abdul Jami Jami and ustad Fakrat also spoke in the meeting, saying the progress of the country especially in Ghazni is due to the outstanding leadership of president Karzai.
Strengthening the spirit of brotherhood among Afghans and turning Afghanistan into the common house of Afghans is the major achievement of the present government.
Announcing their support to government, the dignitaries of Ghanzi said they would support the government in boosting security and increasing police force, saying they are thankful to Ghazni governors and other officials of the provincial government.
In his remarks the president said he is happy over accomplishment of government programs and building two higher educational centers and improving security situation in Ghazni.
President Karzai also pointed out that people by vast participation in April 5 elections demonstrated their interests in democracy. The president also promised to instruct the concerned ministries in the next cabinet meeting to look after the problems of Ghazni in the sectors of building roads, education and health. At the end, the governor of Ghazni and ministers for information and culture and higher education presented 400 years old copy of holy Quran, appreciation sign board bearing signatures of Ghazni people, honorary sign board of engineering and technical universities to the president.
The president besides thanking over presenting the gifts asked Dr. Sayeed Makhdoom Raheen minister for information and culture to keep the Holy Quran in the national achieves of Afghanistan. The Kabul Times


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