Qanooni visits landslide affected Argo

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KABUL: First Vice President Mohammad Younus Qanooni leading a high-ranking government envoy paid a visit to the natural disaster affected villages triggered by landslide in Argo district of Badakhshan province and extended condolence and sympathy to the areas’ residents.
The First Vice President was accompanied by Minister of Borders Mohammad Akram Khipalwak, Minister of Urban Development Hassan Abdul Alahi, Deputy Minister of Security Affairs for Interior Mohammad Ayoub Salangi, head of first vice president office Mohammad Yousuf Etebar, representatives of Badakhshan people in Wolisi Jirga Fawzia Kofi and Amanullah Payman, European Union special envoy to Afghanistan Franze Michel Meliband, Tajik ambassador to Kabul Dr. Sharafuddin Imam and ambassadors of Sweden, Holland and Denmark to Kabul and a number of journalists.
The first vice president and his accompanied envoy were received in Faizabad Airport by governors of Badakhshan and Takhar, local government officials and a large number of people.
In the airport, the first vice president extended condolence and sympathy on the occasion of this huge catastrophe to governor and people of Badakhshan province and added the people of Afghanistan would stand beside them and the government would make use of all means for delivering assistance to affected families.
The first vice president and his accompanied envoy then went to Argo district and while visiting Abe Bareek village of the district triggered by landslide spoke with residents of the village.
During the visit, the first vice president extended condolence and sympathy to people of Argo district, wished paradise to those martyred in the incident and hoped he was sharing with their pain and sadness.
The first vice president asserted that government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has declared a day of mourning on the occasion of the tragedy and organized the government and international assistance to the affected people. The first vice president added he held meetings the other day with representatives of the European Union to Kabul related to absorption of the union’s assistance to the affected families of Argo district.
During the visit, the first vice president submitted 20 million afg cash assistance provided by the government to governor of Badakhshan and the tasked commission. Governor of Badakhshan promised to the first vice president, high-ranking government envoy and people of Argo district that all available assistance would be distributed with full justice and transparency to needy people.
The Kabul Times



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