MPs ask for mayor dismissal

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KABUL: Some legislators from Kabul in the House of People have called for the removal of Kabul Mayor. Accusing the Mayor of misusing power, the protestors by installing tents around Kabul Municipality the other day, calling upon President Hamid Karzai to sack engineer Mohammad Younus Nawandish and take legal action against him. A lawmaker from Kabul, Hajji Ihsan Sayedzada in talks with BNA said that the cases against Nawandish had been reviewed by concerned commission in the house and had been referred to the president and anti-corruption body.
He also warned that the protesting parliamentarians would continue their sit-in until after the dismissal of the Kabul Mayor.
The protestors claimed that construction of Kabul streets with poor quality, permitting building tall business centers in residential areas, construction of residential blocks in 4th Microrayon and distribution of government lands in Behzad cinema are the cases leveled against the Kabul Mayor.
Meantime, a number of Kabul residents have rejected the allegations, saying with assuming office by Nawandish the face of Kabul city has been changed.
Kabul Mayor has also rebuffed the accusations, saying since he has rejected the illegitimate personal demands of some lawmakers, they have resorted to sit-in. In this regard, Nawandish added that he has not permitted the protesting lawmakers to construct high raised buildings, townships and supper stores and that is why they are criticizing the Mayor. The Kabul Times


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